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  • Blog Post: The Essentials – Half-Life

    The Essentials is Game Informer's weekly recurring feature that takes a look at the most important games the industry has to offer. These games aren't just a ton of fun: Their quality, innovation, and industry influence make them must-play experiences for anyone who wants a greater appreciation... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay – Half-Life: Bonus Episode

    Many of you have been wondering what happened to all of the outtakes we include in our Super Replay episodes. Maybe you were worried that we had forgotten about or even purposely neglected to include them. Quite the opposite! We've amassed them for you here, in this special bonus episode of the Half... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay – Half-Life

    Earlier this year, we held a tournament that would determine our next Super Replay. Eight Game Informer editors chose a game to fight for, and I landed on the original Half-Life. I beat Ben Reeves in the finals , and earned the right to play through the entirety of this classic for the first time on... More
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