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  • Blog Post: The Twenty Best Things We Saw At PAX East

    We’re still coming down off our PAX high, and wanted to share some of our favorite things that we saw this weekend. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the coverage, this list (and the links in each entry) should point you in the direction of our favorite experiences. 20. Goliath (And... More
  • Blog Post: Industry Insiders Discuss Their Desert Island Games

    Walking the hallways of the D.I.C.E. Summit, you're bound to run into a who's who of prominent game industry personalities. While stopping to chat, we decided to ask each of them an intensely personal question: If you could only have one video game to play while stranded on a desert island, what... More
  • Blog Post: The Writers' Room: Revealing The Art And Science Of Game Writing

    Whether we're following Mario as he leaps through pipes to rescue an abducted princess or sculpting the saga of Commander Shepard in the midst of a universe-spanning war, most video games have stories to tell. Even Ms. Pac-Man – a game about a hockey puck that eats pellets – provides... More
  • Blog Post: Our Hands-On Time With Aliens: Colonial Marines

    After a long development cycle, Aliens: Colonial Marines is set to launch on February 12th, 2013. Accompanied by new gameplay footage from the different multiplayer modes, we wanted to take an opportunity to fill you in on what you can expect when you finally get your hands on the finished game. Watch... More
  • Blog Post: Editorial: Why I Put Down Borderlands 2

    The rush of holiday releases are enough reason for anyone to put down a game that came out in September, but I stopped playing Borderlands 2 shortly after its release. Talking about my issues with the game has been difficult, given the nearly unified praise it’s received. I agree that Borderlands... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Borderlands 2: Mechromancer DLC

    Gearbox wasn't originally going to release the new class of Borderlands 2 until next week, but they've pulled the trigger on the Mechromancer early . It's available now on all platforms, and Gaige comes free for members of the Premiere Club. For those that didn't pre-order, she'll... More
  • Blog Post: How To Make The Gunzerker A Rapid-Firing Maniac

    A couple of weeks ago, I posted a guide on how to turn Zero into a sword-focused badass. Today, I want to focus on Salvador, our cover boy from the Borderlands 2 issue last year. I’m hovering around level 30 with him right now, and I’m finding him to be even more deadly than Zero if you level... More
  • Blog Post: Is The Borderlands 2 Strategy Guide Worth It?

    Borderlands 2 came out this week, and thousands of would-be adventurers are descending upon Pandora and trying to unearth its secrets. For completionists, strategy guides can be valuable tools, so let’s look at how Bradygames’ guide for Borderlands 2 stacks up. Good: Stategy Guide Standards... More
  • Blog Post: How To Find The Minecraft Area In Borderlands 2

    Listing all of the pop culture references and silly nods in Borderlands 2 would take forever, so we decided to make a quick video of one of its biggest tributes. You may have heard about a hidden Minecraft area in Gearbox's huge sequel, and we're here to show you exactly how to reach it. Watch... More
  • Blog Post: How To Make Zero A Melee Machine In Borderlands 2

    Each of Borderlands 2’s four classes has a variety of awesome abilities and upgrades, but a recent poll on this website indicated that most of you are spending time with Zero during your first playthrough. You’ve made a good choice, as the robotic assassin is a bonafide bad***. He was my... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Borderlands 2

    If you've read my review , you know how much I love Borderlands 2. I'll spare you any more gushing in this intro, as I've already done that at length in that piece. Since I still have my level 30 Zero on our debug unit at the office, we decided to show you some (non-spoilery) gameplay from... More
  • Blog Post: Everything We Know About Borderlands 2

    We’re a few days away from Gearbox’s massive Borderlands 2, and now would be a good time to start clearing your calendar for its release. If its predecessor is any indication, we’re in for a skag-shooting, loot-grabbing co-op adventure that can easily result in 100+ hour playtimes.... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2 Desktop Wallpapers

    We finish up our month of exclusive Borderlands 2 features with a treasure trove of wallpapers to gussy up your desktop. Below you will find six shiny wallpapers to choose from. In order to download them, click on the desired resolution ( click here to see what resolution your screen is set to), then... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Tour Of Randy Pitchford's Office

    Randy Pitchford is a bit of a collector. His office is filled with odds and ends that vary from bobble-heads to a ColecoVision. He has an impressive collection of video game consoles and handhelds, so expect a full history lesson as he works his way down the line. There is also plenty of merchandise... More
  • Blog Post: The Sounds And Monsters Of Borderlands 2

    The team at Gearbox has promised more guns, environments, and monsters for Borderlands 2. Raison Varner has his work cut out for him. As the audio lead for Borderlands 2, Raison is responsible for creating the aural landscape of Pandora. With the help of Gearbox audio director Mark Petty and the rest... More
  • Blog Post: A Guided Tour Of Borderlands 2 Concept Art

    Rather than just offer our readers a gallery of Borderlands 2 concept art, we're taking the opportunity to share some of our insights and impressions of what we've seen of the game so far. You can click on any image below to see a larger size version of the art. The Bandit brand is a new weapons... More
  • Blog Post: New Horizons: The Art Of Borderlands 2

    Jeramy Cooke, the art director for Borderlands 2, is ready for a change of scenery. After the dusty brown landscapes of the first game, the team at Gearbox Software is embarking on a new adventure to embrace as many diverse environments as Pandora has to offer. Check out the video to learn about the... More
  • Blog Post: Meet The New Class Of Borderlands 2: The Gunzerker

    While the vault hunters of the first Borderlands may not have featured much in the way of narration, it definitely mattered which of them you picked. Each class came with a different play-style and skill tree, from the proficient sniper Mordecai to the heavy weaponry and brutal melee attacks of Brick... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Borderlands 2 Teaser Trailer

    If you're half as excited about Borderlands 2 as we are, you're chomping at the bit for any new information or media. Well, we've got the first video look at the game right here. Check below for the first teaser trailer for Gearbox's upcoming role-playing shooter. It's only a small... More
  • Blog Post: The Gun Peddlers Of Pandora

    A massive variety of weapons was one of the primary selling points of the first Borderlands, touted in ad campaigns as featuring “87 bazillion” guns. While the game may not have actually invented a new unit of measurement, there certainly was a ton of unique weapons with a wide variety of... More
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