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  • Blog Post: Eight Ways To Improve Your Dark Souls II Experience

    I've sunk about 60 hours into Dark Souls II, and although I've loved my time with the game, I do have some regrets. From Software doesn't provide players with a lot of explanations or direction, and although the sense of discovery you get from experimenting is often rewarding, there are some... More
  • Blog Post: 5 Things That Make A Huge Difference In Dark Souls II PC

    Dark Souls II releases for PC on April 25. The question on everyone’s mind is what sort of port this will be, especially in light of the original Dark Souls PC version. While we’ll have to wait until release day for our formal assessment, here are some of the key details you’ll want... More
  • Blog Post: How To Play Dark Souls II Like A Professional

    The Dark Souls series is known for its punishing and unforgiving difficulty. Most gamers don't stand a chance of surviving their trip to Drangleic – unless they're experts who play video games for a living, like me. Lucky for you, I'm not only an extremely skilled gamer, I'm also... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls II Is Not Difficult

    Have a discussion about Dark Souls II, and the conversation immediately turns to talk regarding how the game caters to a hardcore audience where elitism runs rampant and “git gud” is the solution to overcoming any challenges a player may be facing. While the game’s unforgiving death... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber - Dark Souls II

    Join Andrew Reiner, Daniel Tack, and Jason Oestreicher as they play through the beginning of Dark Souls II, reveal a few secrets, discuss the 9.75 review score, and talk about the game and some of the significant changes in Dark Souls II. In this video, discover the use for the Petrified Something starting... More
  • Blog Post: Places: Dark Souls' Blighttown

    When people bail on Dark Souls and its enthralling world, Lordran, they’re typically in one of two places: Anor Londo, the city of gods; or Blighttown, a deep, hostile cavern. The latter is commonly strung up on forums and message boards as a sacrificial lamb for all to point at and punish. The... More
  • Blog Post: In Defense Of Japanese Games

    No one is shocked when I tell them that two of my top three games of all time were created in Japan (Super Mario Bros. 3 and Final Fantasy VI, for the record). Why should that be surprising? The Japanese side of the industry has produced some incredible games – in the past. In recent years, I’ve... More
  • Blog Post: Naming The Next Dark Souls

    A Dark Souls sequel hasn't been officially announced yet, but that doesn't stop us from speculating what it could be called. Last November, publisher Namco Bandai announced Dark Souls shipped 1.5 million copies globally. Those impressive sales numbers combined with a nearly 90 Metacritic average... More
  • Blog Post: Afterwords: Dark Souls

    Minor issues with it aside, Dark Souls remains one of the most intense, addictive, and challenging games released in 2011. To get to the bottom of this difficult game's surprise success, I talked to From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Dark Souls. With Dark Souls it seems like you... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls For Beginners: Preparing To Die Less Often

    If you've read my Dark Souls review , you know that I think this sadistic game is the hardest title I've ever played. It will punish you every time you give it the chance. But it's not impossible – far from it! – and there are actually many steps you can take to prepare yourself... More
  • Blog Post: Reiner And Phil Play Dark Souls

    A couple of years ago Demon's Souls got a ton of hype for being incredibly difficult. Could its spiritual successor, Dark Souls, actually be harder? I called Reiner down to the recording room to show off a section slightly later in the game that may be one of the most deviously designed levels in... More
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