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  • Blog Post: 12 Familiar Franchises You Didn't Realize Went Free-to-play

    Free-to-play may not be the total future of the video game industry, but it is absolutely a crucial part of it. From brand new brands to – as this list oulines – established franchises with a fanbase already in place, so many games have adopted the model that it's hard to keep up. These... More
  • Blog Post: Free-To-Play Done Right: Six Lessons To Learn From Hearthstone

    For many gamers, nothing sucks the excitement and promise out of a title like the term "free-to-play." The monetization method has become synonymous with time gates, nagging messages, broken balancing, and other unnecessary burdens designed to maximize profit instead of entertainment . However... More
  • Blog Post: The Monsters Of Fortnite

    Last week we took a look at the characteristics and abilities of three of Fortnite's starting classes: the heavily armed commando , the melee-focused ninja , and the fort-building constructor . Today we're focusing on some of the deadly monsters you'll be up against. Epic is crafting a rogues'... More
  • Blog Post: Five World Of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Tips From A Terrible Player (Who Got Better)

    I have been enjoying my time in World of Tanks, even as someone who is a total newcomer to the game. I wanted to share my lessons of failure so you can learn from my mistakes. World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition comes with a handy tutorial and a collection of videos showcasing tactics and best practices... More
  • Blog Post: Five Trends From GDC

    The annual Game Developers Conference was in full swing last week. As usual, it was full of thought-provoking panels and discussion. Developers and industry insiders openly discussed the process of making video games and what they think needs improvement, and forecasted the future of the industry. Watching... More
  • Blog Post: Great Games That Don't Cost A Dime

    Free-to-play games often get a bad reputation. Many of these games intentionally prohibit player progress to make a quick buck, while others allow players to buy their way to success in what have become known as “pay to win” games. However, just because there are examples of free-to-play... More
  • Blog Post: Wasting My Life Away: Free-To-Play Confessions of Gaming Loser

    Americans, by nature, have very little self-control. I'm American to the core. The casual and mobile offers an intoxicating mix of free, fast, and easy that's hard for even a hardcore gamer to refuse. I think I have a problem. My moment of clarity came a few minutes ago, when I realized I'd... More
  • Blog Post: Console Games That Could Be Free-To-Play

    Free-to-play began on the PC landscape and continues to flourish there. Free-to-play mobile games are released every day. The world of consoles, however, has yet to do any real experimentation in the world of free-to-play. Almost every game could be functional in the free-to-play model. All you have... More
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