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  • Blog Post: 15 Free Indie Games You Should Check Out

    It's been a long month. You're probably tired of (still) plowing through The Witcher 3 or The Witness and ready for something new but, hey, bills and an empty bank account strike because of course they do. Well, lucky for you, we're here with some rad free games you should check out. Here... More
  • Blog Post: 10 Free Betas And Prototypes You Can Play Without Pre-Ordering

    In the modern gaming world, online connectivity is key and functionality under pressure is hugely important. Because of this, more and more games are opening their doors early to let folks kick the tires before they are quietly escorted away to wait a few months before playing again. Even for games with... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Doritos Crash Course 2

    Some of you may remember the original Doritos Crash Course, a free download on Xbox Live Arcade. Fans of free achievements can rejoice again today, as its sequel is now available for download. Andrew Reiner and myself decided to take the avatar-based platformer for a spin, and you can watch it below... More
  • Blog Post: Free Games To Waste Your Three-Day Weekend With

    This weekend, our North American readers will join the GI staff in celebrating Labor Day, a day off to reflect on all the hard work we've been doing. What's the best way to reflect? VIDEO GAMES. Rather than force you outside for even a second of your much-deserved weekend of rest, I've put... More
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