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  • Blog Post: Five Big Games To Play Instead Of Watching The Big Game

    Today, an important football game will be played. Many will have their eyes on the game, but not everyone is a football fan. Much like today’s big game, these games within video games aren’t large in physical size. Rather, they play important roles in the context and stories in which they... More
  • Blog Post: One Night Stand: Madden NFL 25

    I've always been a football fan, but I've never really liked football video games. Can this armchair quarterback master the digital gridiron in a few hours? I decided to play Madden 25 for my second One Night Stand for two reasons: one, I am a big fan of football and two, it's as far from... More
  • Blog Post: Ten Sports Games Worthy Of A Remake

    This console generation hasn’t been friendly to sports gamers. While many of the mainstay franchises are still releasing high-quality editions, the one-time sea of sports games has dried up into a wading pool. Fans only have one option for NHL, NBA, and NFL simulations, we lost NCAA basketball... More
  • Blog Post: Simming The Madden NFL 13 Season

    Football is back, and here's what you can expect to transpire this season if Madden 13's sim engine has its say. We're so excited for the new football season that we don't want to wait to see how it actually unfolds in real life, so we've simmed the season in Madden 13 to see what... More
  • Blog Post: EA and VTree Bring Football Back To Disabled Gamers

    Games that cater to accessibility have it rough. Developers and publishers naturally worry that such projects aren't financially viable, and thus are reluctant to take risks on them. On the flipside, consumers expect the end result will lack polish and the capacity to challenge them. Chuck Bergen... More
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