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  • Blog Post: The Shooter Simulator Flowchart

    Have you ever noticed how some first-person shooters feel the same? Whether it's the weapons, helicopter sequences, or nuke-wielding terrorists, developers in the FPS genre have recycled a lot of material. Instead of dropping $60 to see the same content again and again, just read this flowchart and... More
  • Blog Post: How To Save (Or Kill) Your Party In Mass Effect 2

    You've already completed Mass Effect 2 at least once – maybe you've even finished multiple playthroughs. Regardless of how many times you've saved the galaxy, what goes on behind the curtain of Shepard's final mission is shrouded in mystery. You know it's good to the get the... More
  • Blog Post: Will You Survive The Undead Apocalypse?

    There is no such thing as safe harbor from Zombies. Over the years they’ve infiltrated peaceful towns, ominous mansions, space, and even Nazi Germany. They can spread their infection like wildfire, survive without their limbs, and they’re always hungry. The odds are not in humanity’s... More
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