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  • Blog Post: Which Comic Heroes Most Deserve A New Game?

    We've seen a lot of comic book-based video games over the years, but for each Batman: Arkham Knight there seems to have been several Superman 64s. Comic book-based video games don't always hit their mark, but that doesn't mean people should stop trying to make them. Here are several comic... More
  • Blog Post: We Talk With Brian Michael Bendis On Jessica Jones, Powers, Marvel Films, And Video Games

    From his work with long-running series like Ultimate Spider-Man and Daredevil to his work on T.V. series like Jessica Jones and Powers , Brian Michael Bendis is a man who has a lot of irons in the fire. In addition, Bendis is a part of the creative vision behind the wildly successful Marvel Cinematic... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Robot Alchemic Drive (RAD)

    With giant robots destroying some of the biggest cities on Earth, humanity's only logical response is to unleash giant robots of its own to combat the massive assailants. That's exactly what Andrew Reiner, Brian Shea, Jeff Marchiafava, and Jeff Cork set out to do in this episode of Replay. Robot... More
  • Blog Post: Ten Marvel Comics That Should Be Games

    Defying a previous strategy of focusing on its biggest characters for movie slots, Marvel had a big triumph last week, bringing one of its nearly unknown comic properties to the big screen. Comic fans rejoiced when word broke that Guardians of the Galaxy and all its zany sci-fi weirdness was in the works... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Video Tour Of Pinball FX 2's New Table

    The editors here at Game Informer are big fans of Zen Studios' addictive pinball sim, so we jumped at the chance to try out the latest addition to Pinball FX 2's roster, the newly-released Fantastic Four table. Watch me play the new table and try out some of its comic-inspired missions, while... More
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