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  • Blog Post: Five Things We Hope Happen At E3

    People go into E3 with all sorts of dreams and expectations. Price drops, surprise game reveals, new hardware – no matter how implausible, these are the things gamers hope to see. These individual announcements are always exciting, but we’re not going to break down every little thing we want... More
  • Blog Post: Which Exclusive Features Will The PS4 And Xbox One Share?

    Video game platform holders have a long history of borrowing the successes of one another. When the d-pad was introduced, it was quickly adopted for other competing consoles. The same can be said for the control stick, shoulder buttons, wireless controllers, etc. – the list goes on. When something... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Our Exclusive Trailer For Mario U's Boost Rush Mode

    When New Super Mario Bros. U launches alongside the Wii U in November, platforming fans will be able to try out a unique new challenge. Boost Rush mode rewards players for collecting coins, but the level auto-scrolls faster as your pockets get fatter. We played several levels of Boost Rush mode while... More
  • Blog Post: EXCLUSIVE: The Debut Trailer Of Saints Row: The Third

    We've been throwing tons of Saints Row: The Third info and behind-the-scenes videos at you throughout March, and we wanted to end our month of coverage with a bang. That's why we're capping things off with this exclusive first look of Saints Row: The Third's debut trailer. What you'll... More
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