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  • Blog Post: Replay – EverQuest

    This week's episode took a bit of setup. We contacted publisher Daybreak Game Company to see if they could retrieve an EverQuest account that hasn't been played in over a decade. The hope was that we could reunite Andy McNamara, Game Informer's editor-in-chief, with his former EverQuest character... More
  • Blog Post: Game Changer: What Society Can Learn From The Economics Of Video Games

    Video games are often used as a learning tool, but most educational games focus on word memorization or the magic of math. However, many game theorists and economists are beginning to realize that video games have something more significant to teach us about the function of our societies, governments... More
  • Blog Post: Exploring Freedom In EverQuest

    My entry to the world of MMORPGs wasn’t explicitly in EverQuest, as I’d played plenty of MUDs and other such games in the heyday of the BBS style RPG, but it was certainly the first where I felt this sense of a vast open world brimming with adventure and danger. From my early excursions outside... More
  • Blog Post: Video Games' Greatest Rivalries

    Sometimes video game franchises are kind of similar. It can’t be avoided. Sometimes, those games inspire conflict and people take sides. Sometimes, a feature is written that arbitrarily decides a winner. It could be a matter of sales, a clear case of objective quality, or my own personable preference... More
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