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  • Blog Post: DMi Games' Vision For NASCAR

    At the beginning of the year NASCAR video gamers were looking forward to a new season and a new game when news came out that Eutechnyx had transferred its licensing rights to the newly formed DMi Games . The company may have seemingly sprung from nowhere, but the pair at its heart – president Ed... More
  • Blog Post: The NASCAR Exit Interview

    Recently, Eutechnyx sold the licensing rights for NASCAR, transferring them to DMi Games – a new company with veteran blood regarding NASCAR video games. We talked to Eutechnyx CEO Darren Jobling about the company's exit from NASCAR development, what happened, and what future titles need to... More
  • Blog Post: Live Stream – Ride To Hell: Retribution

    UPDATE : Missed the stream when it aired live? Check out the archived video here if you've got a good 12 hours to spare. ORIGINAL STORY : If you've read my recent review of Ride To Hell: Retribution or seen our episode of Test Chamber devoted to it, you know that it's hilariously awful. Halfway... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Ride To Hell: Retribution

    In what's always bad news for a game's level of quality, Deep Silver did not send out review copies of Ride To Hell: Retribution. While I'm only a couple of hours into my review playthrough, I can already tell that they tried to keep this hilarious pile of garbage out of critics' hands... More
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