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  • Blog Post: Activision Blizzard Forms New Esports Division With ESPN, MLG Vets At The Top

    Esports is already a crucial part of Activision Blizzard’s yearly operations, but the mega-publisher is looking to make it a corporate value. The company has hired former ESPN and NFL Network CEO Steve Bornstein and MLG co-founder Mike Sepso to lead a new Esports division as chairman and senior... More
  • Blog Post: Hat Trick: How Valve Is Making eSports Magic

    This year, Valve’s The International 2015 Dota 2 tournament commanded an unprecedented prize pool of $18 million, the largest purse in eSports history. Split five ways amongst the winning team, Evil Geniuses, the first-place payout of $6.6 million is around $1.3 million per competitor, not counting... More
  • Blog Post: Let's Play The Nickname Game: E-sports Athlete Or Mobster?

    Earlier today, we covered the guilty plea by noted video game violence detractor Leland Yee. Yee didn’t operate alone, collaborating with a criminal named Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow . We realized that organized crime isn’t the only place you’ll find colorful names. It’s... More
  • Blog Post: Everything You Need To Know About This Weekend's Call of Duty Championship

    This weekend, Major League Gaming and Activision are hosting the third annual Call of Duty Championship. Here's a quick cheat sheet for those of you planning to tune in. What Is It? The Call of Duty Championship are Activision's attempt to create a worldwide event around its popular shooting... More
  • Blog Post: Add Team Game Informer Characters, Flags, And Music To Your #IDARB Game

    Before you get your hopes too high, this is not a complete list of Game Informer editors, but you will find enough to add some GI flavor to your #IDARB games. To redeem these items for your game, you should see a "scan" option in the creation screens. Once you open that up, all you have to... More
  • Blog Post: Here Is A Huge List Of #IDARB’s Game Affecting Hashtag Bombs

    One of It Draws a Red Box’s (#IDARB) most innovative features is the ability to interact with games you are spectating. By tweeting the keycode that appears in the bottom left corner of a game you are watching along with any of the hashtags seen below to @idarbwire , you can make things happen... More
  • Blog Post: Super Smash Pro - Interview with Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma

    Hungrybox celebrates a win at the Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Invitational at E3. Photo courtesy of David Zhou and Polygon Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U have both been huge critical and financial successes for Nintendo, but how does the competitive community feel about them? I spoke with Juan "Hungrybox"... More
  • Blog Post: Life After Game Over: Pro Gamers Face Retirement

    Professional gaming, the loose confederacy of leagues, organizations, and tournaments that fall under the large banner of “eSports,” has experienced dizzying growth in the last decade. Once little more than glorified LAN parties with some sponsors and prize money, the popularity of watching... More
  • Blog Post: Interview: Hector "OpticH3CZ" Rodriguez Of OpTic Gaming

    [photo by Brett Kramer, all rights reserved] As owner of OpTic Gaming, Hector “OpticH3CZ” Rodriguez is an eSports jack-of-all-trades, guiding his team’s efforts both as game casters and high-stakes Call of Duty tournament players. We recently spoke with him about his work and overall... More
  • Blog Post: Movie Review: Free to Play

    As the competitive gaming scene continues to grow in prestige and popularity, Valve's Free to Play documentary seeks to give a wider audience a look into the phenomenon of eSports (as Indie Game: The Movie did for the indie game movement) by offering a look into the human stories behind the competition... More
  • Blog Post: How To Enjoy Competitive StarCraft

    StarCraft II is an incredibly deep and complex game of strategy. For those new to the game or for those who have never played StarCraft, it can be difficult to comprehend the action on-screen. This guide gives you the tools you need to appreciate professional StarCraft II play. The Basics One of the... More
  • Blog Post: A Beginner’s Guide To League Of Legends

    Some games are incredibly easy to pick up and play. Others are not. League of Legends is one of the latter. Though it may seem simple on the surface, many things that occur in the game can be downright puzzling to the inexperienced. This guide covers most of the basics of gameplay and some tips on how... More
  • Blog Post: League of Legends: A Look At The Most Played Game In The World

    What is League of Legends? How does one play? What makes it a great eSports spectacle? I cover some of the basics of the game and sit down with a League of Legends fan for some insight into the community, the game, and its professional players. League of Legends has caught on fire in the eSports community... More
  • Blog Post: The Pillars of eSports

    Last week, we discussed what the term eSports meant and made a case for why people might enjoy it. This week, we talk about the core games and franchises that make up the eSports scene. Just as traditional sports include different games like football, baseball, and hockey, eSports are comprised of many... More
  • Blog Post: Why Should You Care About eSports?

    What makes over eight million people tune in to live streams to watch other people play video games? Electronic Sports, better known as eSports, is an umbrella term for competitive video gaming. Competitive gaming has been growing in popularity for a while now, developing a large fan-base that is both... More
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