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  • Blog Post: Exploring The Deadly World Of Mad Max

    If you've played Just Cause 2 from Avalanche Studios, you understand the team's passion for creating gigantic worlds for players to explore. With their new game, Mad Max, players will be set loose in the Wasteland ( which kinda sorta isn't Australia ) and tasked with finding the resources... More
  • Blog Post: Exploring The Fictional World Of Medici In Just Cause 3

    A lot of developers will buy photo books or travel videos based on the locations they're designing a game around; Avalanche Studios collects vacation photos. Anytime someone on staff gets back from a trip to the Mediterranean they send over their photos to Avalanche's art team and writes it off... More
  • Blog Post: Places – Arkham Asylum

    In the newest installment of the Batman: Arkham series, the Dark Knight has the freedom to explore the entirety of Gotham, swooping between buildings, crossing through the high supports of bridges, and diving down onto thugs in the streets below. But in 2009, our first glimpse of this new version of... More
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