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  • Blog Post: Developer Salute – Ninja Theory

    When Ninja Theory announced it would be taking the reins of the Devil May Cry series and it unveiled its new dark-haired Dante, the Internet collectively grabbed their keyboard-shaped pitch forks and started stabbing them into the air. I, on the other hand, got incredibly excited. Since my first playthrough... More
  • Blog Post: Thrown Into The Fire: Gaming's Roughest Starts

    Many action titles throughout gaming history follow a fairly simple formula - the gamer learns the controls, their hero gradually earns experience/items/abilities by defeating foes, and the action builds to a giant climax in the final third of the game. However, other titles (especially in the last five... More
  • Blog Post: Enslaved: Odyssey To The West 3D Screenshot

    The game's been out for a little while now, and if you haven't played Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, it's worth checking out . In honor of the upcoming DLC, which let's you play the game in 3D, check out this awesome 3D screenshot of Monkey in action. A few things you should note: One... More
  • Blog Post: The Monkey King: An Interview With Andy Serkis

    Actor Andy Serkis is no stranger to a motion capture studio. A skilled thespian, Serkis has provided motion capture for films like King Kong, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy (as Gollum), and Steven Spielberg’s upcoming The Adventures of Tintin film. Serkis also portrayed King Bohan... More
  • Blog Post: Meet The Cast: Enslaved Character Bios

    It's hard to have a compelling story without interesting characters. That's why Ninja Theory spent so much time working on its characters for the upcoming Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Before the game comes out on October 5, let's take a closer look at the game's cast. Monkey A fierce... More
  • Blog Post: Maintaining Composure: Interview With Enslaved Composer Nitin Sawhney

    Nitin Sawhney is one of Britain’s premier musicians. A one-time law school dropout who became famous for his work on films like the critically praised The Namesake , and 2007’s PlayStation 3 title Heavenly Sword. Sawhney’s critically-acclaimed work seems to combined a smattering of... More
  • Blog Post: Evolution Of A Character: Trip From Enslaved

    Creating a new character for a brand-new IP takes a lot of iteration. With Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, developer Ninja Theory went through reams of sketch paper trying to nail down its two main characters, Monkey and Trip. Ninja Theory’s very own creative art director, Alessandro Taini, shared... More
  • Blog Post: A Story In Pictures: The Concept Art of Enslaved

    A game’s concept art tells the story of its development. There's a long way to go from concept to completion, but the original art designs highlight the developer’s intentions for the game. Often a game’s art will even flesh out the narrative in ways that the final product never... More
  • Blog Post: How The World Ends: Enslaved Backstory Timeline

    Want to know how much work goes into shaping a video game’s story? Before Ninja Theory even began working on it’s new action title Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, it spent weeks building up the fiction within its universe. Enslaved takes place in a future reality that has seen incredible advances... More
  • Blog Post: Anatomy Of A Character: Monkey From Enslaved

    A lot of work goes into birthing a new character for a video game. Famed actor Andy Serkis (Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films) may have lent his voice and movements to Enslaved’s hero, Monkey, but the team at Ninja Theory spent a lot of time envisioning what that character would look like in... More
  • Blog Post: Our 25 Most Anticipated Games Of The Rest Of 2010

    All things considered, 2010 hasn’t been a terrible summer for gamers. We’ve had one or two really outstanding titles ( sup, StarCraft II ), a steady stream of solid releases, and only a handful of weeks that were full-on new game droughts. Even with such an excellent first half of the year... More
  • Blog Post: Heavenly Sword Dev Goes Apocalyptic

    One hundred and fifty years into the future, there are no wars. Not because we stopped fighting – there are no longer enough people left to fight wars. With humanity nearly extinct, once-great cities teeming with people now lay empty and overrun by nature. Giant mechanical airships troll across... More
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