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  • Blog Post: Replay – Robot Alchemic Drive (RAD)

    With giant robots destroying some of the biggest cities on Earth, humanity's only logical response is to unleash giant robots of its own to combat the massive assailants. That's exactly what Andrew Reiner, Brian Shea, Jeff Marchiafava, and Jeff Cork set out to do in this episode of Replay. Robot... More
  • Blog Post: Where's My Sequel? – Actraiser

    Most gamers appreciate when a brand new installment releases in their favorite series. Despite complaints about “sequelitis,” getting too many entries is better than the alternative: getting too few. In Where’s My Sequel, we look at franchises that deserve to continue. In this installment... More
  • Blog Post: A Warrior’s Quest: A Retrospective of Square-Enix’s Classic RPG Series

    In the West, series like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are about as big as a game can get, but in Japan, few franchises stand taller than Square-Enix’s Dragon Quest. First released in 1986, Dragon Quest is credited with establishing the basic template by which many RPGs would be made. Dragon... More
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