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  • Blog Post: Joe Juba's Top Five Games Of Last Generation

    My ranking of juggernaut franchises doesn’t really say much about what games define my experiences in the last generation. I could try to explain whether I like Mass Effect 2 more or less than Uncharted 2, but I’m going to focus on something a little more personal instead. I loved Fallout... More
  • Blog Post: Right When You Think It's Over: Gaming's Best Fake-Out Endings

    Plenty of video game stories are predictable from beginning to end, so it's satisfying when developers try to shake things up a bit. In this feature, we take a look at points in games when you think the story is over - but there may be some more twists in store. Note: Spoilers follow for Red Dead... More
  • Blog Post: The Rights And Wrongs Of Bonus Bosses

    Beating a game doesn’t always mean that the experience is over. For devoted fans, many games include additional tasks to undertake, including bonus bosses. These extra battles are often more difficult than the real final boss, giving players a sense of mastery and accomplishment for overcoming... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

    One of my favorite things about Dragons Dogma is how quickly things can get out of hand if you aren't careful. Fortunately for you, the viewer, that very thing happens as I show off the game's expansion to Tim and Reiner. Watch and learn how to cheese your way through an early menace. Capcom... More
  • Blog Post: Editorial: The Cost Of Keeping Current

    I’ve wanted to replay the original Metal Gear Solid for the last five years. I used to play through it every fall. I’m a nostalgic guy, and autumn reminds of when I first played the fantastic stealth game one Halloween almost fifteen years ago. Finding free time to revisit Shadow Moses Island... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon’s Dogma Survival Guide

    Starting a new RPG can be an overwhelming experience. Where should you go first? Should you accept as many quests as possible or be more selective? What class is a good pick for beginners? Dragon’s Dogma is no different; if anything, its unique pawn system can make it even more difficult to get... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Dragon's Dogma

    When we created Test Chamber, we wanted each episode to be an informative look at recently released games. We succeeded in our goal...up until today. If you've been following our Half-Life Super Replay series, you know that Dan Ryckert, Game Informer's resident nut slayer, can ruin even the greatest... More
  • Blog Post: Former Capcom Producer Ben Judd Talks Capcom, Bridging West/East Development

    For our article "What's Happening at Capcom" in issue 225 of Game Informer, we spoke with former Capcom producer Ben Judd. The man responsible for Bionic Commando: Rearmed and the 2009 Bionic Commando reboot has a lot to say about the goings on at Capcom, including Mega Man creator Keiji... More
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