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  • Blog Post: 10 Classic Games That Deserve Modern Makeovers

    Remakes and reboots are all the rage these days, and it seems like a new one is always around the corner. Publishers are more eager than ever to bring their classic titles to a modern audience while tugging at the nostalgia of old fans at the same time. The recent Ratchet & Clank reboot is a great... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Getting Bloody In The Doom Multiplayer Beta

    The Doom multiplayer beta wraps up today, so we're celebrating by getting as much blood as possible on the suit of our space marine. Join Andrew Reiner, Ben Reeves, and myself on the sticks as we listen to heavy metal and blast away red team in the two modes: Team Deathmatch and Warpath! For more... More
  • Blog Post: Three Games You Can Play For Free This Weekend

    This is a great weekend if you happen to have free time and open hard-drive space. There are three games you can play absolutely free – two of them are in beta and the other is already out. This feature was originally published April 15, 2016. Battleborn Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Starts... More
  • Blog Post: Hands On With Doom's SnapMap

    Id Software has released the source code for most of its games dating back to the original Doom, granting PC players the means to create their own maps, modes, and mods. Even with no defined set of rules as to how content could be created and shared, Doom's modding community erupted in popularity... More
  • Blog Post: Infinite Doom: Why SnapMap Is id’s Secret Weapon

    Doom has always had a vibrant mod community, giving gamers the ability to create their own maps an more. That legacy is moving forward into the next Doom thanks to SnapMap. In our video interview with Doom's game director, Marty Stratton, we talk about how the new SnapMap creation feature will give... More
  • Blog Post: Long Live The Arena: A Look At Doom’s Old-School Multiplayer

    As any long-time fan of the Doom series knows, over the top, gory multiplayer is core to the series' legacy. But how will the upcoming game compare to both classic Doom, and current shooter juggernauts like Halo or Call of Duty? Kicking off our last week of exclusive Doom coverage , Andrew Reiner... More
  • Blog Post: Our 10 Most Anticipated Shooters Of 2016

    Last year was an interesting year for the shooter genre, as many titles like Rainbow Six Siege, Star Wars Battlefront, and Evolve left single-player campaigns behind in favor of focusing all the attention on multiplayer. Even though some of the future shooters we're most excited for, like Titanfall... More
  • Blog Post: Answering Community Questions On Doom

    With the end of our month of Doom coverage right around the corner, we're once again bringing community questions to the developers. On this special edition of The Game Informer Show , Andrew Reiner and Matthew Bertz brought your biggest Doom inquiries to Marty Stratton the game's director. You... More
  • Blog Post: The Explosive, Modified Arsenal of Doom

    Doom is an iconic first-person shooter for a litany of reasons, but one of the most memorable ways it always stuck out in my mind was the fantastic array of weaponry. From the satisfying thud of the double-barrel shotgun to the room-clearing force of the BFG 9000, few shooters created in the 22 years... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – We Play John Romero's Surprising New Doom Level

    After a 21-year hiatus, John Romero has crafted a new level for the original Doom. Join us at we try it out. Andrew Reiner and I play through the first few sections of Romero's new map, Tech Gone Bad, which serves as a replacement for the finale of episode one. Despite still being limited by the... More
  • Blog Post: See How id's New Doom Breaks The Modern Shooter Mold

    Over the last decade we've seen a wealth of new mechanics filter into the shooter genre. Many triple-A titles have implemented cover-based combat, aiming down sights, automatic health recovery, and much more. With id Software's Doom making a highly anticipated comeback this year, how will it... More
  • Blog Post: Doom: A New Vision Of Hell

    If you walk through a video game development studio, you'll likely run into a wall dedicated to concept art. Id Software has such a wall, but it looks out of place, almost like it was stolen from a heavy metal music label. Much of the wall's pieces, like the image above, looks like album covers... More
  • Blog Post: A Legend Reborn: Hands-On With Doom's Single Player

    When we arrived at the Richardson, Texas headquarters of id Software last December, I thought we accidentally walked into the wrong office. Id’s familiar logo is painted on the wall, but the lobby doesn’t reflect the history or vibe the studio is known for. Intense white lights shine down... More
  • Blog Post: The Gruesome Level Design Of Doom

    Boasting a wide array of skulls, gore, and power chords, the Doom series has become synonymous with heavy metal, but how does this art style play into the upcoming shooter? Game Director Marty Stratton and Creative Director Hugo Martin reveal the three distinct zones in Doom as well as some key features... More
  • Blog Post: Doom: 10 Badass Moments From Our Hands-On Session

    When you play Doom, you have to discard a decade’s worth of first-person shooter conditioning. If your weapon is low on ammo, don’t even think about tapping a button to reload it, you can’t – the only way to replenish ammo is by picking it up. The tendency to duck behind cover... More
  • Blog Post: Playing The New Doom Splattered Our Brains

    Going in to our gameplay session with Doom at Id Software I had one burning question. How would this series feel after a decade of shooter genre evolution? When Doom 3 released in 2004 Gears of War hadn't yet come out and Call of Duty was new on the scene. We'll be examining this game in detail... More
  • Blog Post: Classic Gaming’s 10 Worst-Kept Secrets

    Though they have been largely eliminated in today’s gaming landscape thanks to downloadable content and the Internet, hidden secrets have played a large role in the games industry since its early days. These intentionally programmed cheats and shortcuts went undocumented, but that didn’t... More
  • Blog Post: Is July 31 The Most Important Day In Gaming History?

    You’ve likely heard a lot of juicy tales regarding the creation of some of the industry’s biggest games, but the stories behind the stories are even juicer. Did you know that July 31 is actually one of the most eventful days in gaming history? Learn about all of the historic happenings that... More
  • Blog Post: E3 Rivals – The Best Shooters Of E3 2015

    E3 2015 was a big show for shooters, with several surprising announcements and plenty of bullet-raining gameplay on display. Game Informer's Matt Bertz and Brian Shea got a chance to play some of the biggest shooters at the show and were eager to compare the highs and lows of each. To learn even... More
  • Blog Post: The Pulse – Reiner's Most Anticipated Games

    E3 week is my favorite time of the year. Within the span of a few days, this expo inundates us with game news, announcements, surprises, videos, hands-on impressions, and horrible press conference moments. I call it a "welcome overload of information" – data we use to determine what games... More
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