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  • Blog Post: Seven Game Series Begging For The Super Mario Maker Treatment

    Super Mario Maker captured the imaginations of Nintendo fans at this year's E3. The Nintendo World Championship 2015 highlighted the insane degree of entertainment and unpredictability a creative mind can pack into custom stages. NWC 2015's final challenge was filled with surprising enemies like... More
  • Blog Post: Other Game Series That Deserve The Theatrhythm Treatment

    Final Fantasy is a huge series with lots of memorable tracks – enough tracks to fill up two rhythm games, as it turns out. It’s not the only series ( and nether is Dragon Quest ), however, full of enough fantastic music to merit its own dedicated rhythm game release. Castlevania Much like... More
  • Blog Post: Video Game Spin-Offs That Are Better Than Their Source Game

    A lot of popular video game series receive sequels, but only in rare instances do popular video game series earn a spin-off title. Like a random mutation, these series often contain elements of the original property, but are often different enough that they can't be included as part of the main series... More
  • Blog Post: How To Beat Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze's Final Boss

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a tough game with a tough final boss, but Bryan Vore and myself donned our red tie and pink hat in order to take him down. I included Donkey Kong Country Returns' final boss on a recent list of frustrating bosses , so it's no surprise that Tropical Freeze's... More
  • Blog Post: Kyle’s Patriotic Pride For Donkey Kong Country

    Donkey Kong Country was not the first game I played. I had a Game Boy and played plenty of video games at the houses of friends, but it was the first console game I owned. As most video game players do, I have a vivid memory of receiving my first home video game console. It was a Super Nintendo, and... More
  • Blog Post: Why The Platformer Still Matters

    The action/platformer was once the preeminent genre in video games. The NES, Genesis, and PlayStation made mascots like Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot their public faces. Today, in a market dominated by shooters like Halo and Call of Duty, it seems that gamers and publishers have little time for the... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Donkey Kong Country

    Most of Nintendo's early platformers were renowned for their stellar gameplay, but Donkey Kong Country was known more for its 3D-like graphics than anything else. While it was no slouch in the gameplay department, we were more entranced by the then-impressive character models for DK and his enemies... More
  • Blog Post: Reiner And Phil Return To Donkey Kong Country

    These Reiner and Phil videos began way back when with us playing the co-op mode in a Nintendo platformer, so if you somehow thought we wouldn't do the same for Donkey Kong Country Returns, well, you weren't thinking. Join us as we check out the first few levels of Retro's exciting new take... More
  • Blog Post: Our 25 Most Anticipated Games Of The Rest Of 2010

    All things considered, 2010 hasn’t been a terrible summer for gamers. We’ve had one or two really outstanding titles ( sup, StarCraft II ), a steady stream of solid releases, and only a handful of weeks that were full-on new game droughts. Even with such an excellent first half of the year... More
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