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  • Blog Post: Top 50 Challenge 2014 – Fantasia: Music Evolved

    I like music. I know it’s not exactly a controversial statement, but it’s been a constant throughout my life. Growing up, something was almost always playing on the family stereo. I played an instrument from elementary school through high school, and eventually combined my loves of music... More
  • Blog Post: Fight For The Top 50 2014 – Fantasia: Music Evolved

    It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Kinect failed to find the audience it was looking for. Despite two iterations, neither developers nor players ever seemed to completely connect with the motion-based peripheral. Earlier this year, Microsoft effectively abandoned the Kinect by releasing an Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Wish List – Indiana Jones

    The Indiana Jones franchise has seen some troubled video game entries. It hasn’t even seen an entirely original installment since 2009’s Staff of Kings, which failed to properly emulate any of Indy’s inherent appeal. Each game either tarnishes Indy’s legacy or stagnates; the Lego... More
  • Blog Post: The Surprising Disney Influence In Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

    When you think of Saints Row, many things come to mind. Gangs, aliens, and unsettling melee weapons are just a few of the series’ hallmarks. Where could wholesome source material like Disney cartoons fit into that violent mess? You might be surprised. During a visit to Volition, creative director... More
  • Blog Post: 10 Characters That Will Never Be In Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

    Following today's announcement of a Guardians of the Galaxy playset for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, I wondered how much fun it would be to play as Groot, a somewhat slow moving tree character. I asked a couple of coworkers what they thought of the announcement and the possibility of playing... More
  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts III Co-Director Teases What's To Come

    Square Enix is extra secretive with its coveted Kingdom Hearts franchise, but we were able to interview co-director Tai Yasue, who's currently working on Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. The collection includes the Final Mix for Kingdom Hearts II and Birth By Sleep, on top of updated cutscenes from Re... More
  • Blog Post: Places: Kingdom Hearts' Hollow Bastion

    There isn’t a world more iconic in all of the Kingdom Hearts series than Hollow Bastion. We were first introduced to it in Kingdom Hearts, which I came into as a kid who loved Final Fantasy. I was also a fan of Disney movies, but the real hook was seeing some of my favorite RPG characters placed... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – DuckTales: Remastered

    Capcom's remake of the original NES DuckTales game releases tomorrow on PSN, Wii U's eShop, and Steam (the XBLA version is coming September 11). To give fans of Scrooge McDuck a taste of what they can expect, we played through the new prologue scenario of DuckTales: Remastered. The thieving Beagle... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

    The classic 1990 Sega Genesis title Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse is being remade by Sega in high-definition. The downloadable platformer (not to be confused with DreamRift's 3DS title ) is coming to PSN, XBLA, and PC this summer. We got to play through the beginning stages of the game... More
  • Blog Post: What New Worlds We Want To See In Kingdom Hearts III

    With the Kingdom Hearts III finally a reality , we couldn't help but anticipate what Square Enix and Disney have in store for Sora and company. Part of Kingdom Hearts' magic is stepping into Disney worlds and feeling like you're transported back to your childhood. The nostalgia factor fuels... More
  • Blog Post: Video Interview - Castle of Illusion's Classic Difficulty

    The senior producer for Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse emphasized that his game is not for children, it is for "gamers". The classic Genesis title is getting a full reimagining from Sega as a downloadable platformer launching this year. While 3D navigation has been added to certain... More
  • Blog Post: Ark Of Sinners Advance Jumps Us Into This Week In Mobile

    Price drops and updates for RPG beat-em-ups and silly robot arcade games take the wheel this week. Keep boredom at bay with these entertaining downloads. Ark of Sinners Advance Price: $2.99 Developer: Bulkypix Platform: iOS Ark of Sinners takes place in the Anima: Beyond Fantasy universe where you venture... More
  • Blog Post: Remembering LucasArts

    We're saddened by the news that Disney closed LucasArts today . A lot of us at Game Informer grew up with LucasArts' games and have fond memories playing them. From its kooky adventure games to continuing to churn out interesting Star Wars titles, the company will be missed. As an appreciation... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Darkwing Duck (Guest: James Adomian)

    This week we're taking a look at the classic Disney/Capcom collaboration, Darkwing Duck, and we invited comedian James Adomian to come join us. We reached out to James because we're big fans of his appearances on podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang , but we were surprised to discover that who we really... More
  • Blog Post: Disney/Lucas Mashups We Want To See

    Disney announced today that it was moving to purchase Lucasfilm for about $4 billion . As you know, the studio that George Lucas built includes a variety of prime characters, including Indiana Jones and the cast of the Star Wars films. Those characters still haven't been exploited for all their potential... More
  • Blog Post: John C. Reilly Talks Wreck-It Ralph

    Disney's upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph looks to appease gaming fans of all ages. We sat down with star John C. Reilly to talk about his role in the film and his history with games. [Check out our interview with Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore in issue 233 of Game Informer Magazine.] I'm... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Aladdin

    Games based on movies are almost always crappy, and that's the case in 2011. Back in the 16-bit days, it was almost a certainty that they'd be terrible. However, one beloved Disney film made for a fantastic Genesis sidescroller (a slightly different version was on Super Nintendo, but we play... More
  • Blog Post: Reiner And Phil Play Epic Mickey

    By now you've probably read Reiner's review of Epic Mickey, a highly anticipated release that he was a bit disappointed in. Before he played the game for review, though, I got to check out the first 30 minutes or so in this video. Watch us play the early areas while discussing Mickey Mouse, karma... More
  • Blog Post: The Art Of Epic Mickey

    Now that subscribers are starting to get their copies of the newly redesigned Game Informer with Epic Mickey on the cover, we’re ready to show off a little more of the game. The assets floating around the web have had users excited but unsure about what Junction Point has been up to. Now we’re... More
  • Blog Post: Warren Spector & Mickey Mouse

    Now that the cat is out of the bag and Disney Epic Mickey has been revealed to the world , we thought it would be a great time to explore the world of Warren Spector. No, not the dark, shadowy world gamers are used to. The world that Spector has been living in his whole life. From birth, he was destined... More
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