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  • Blog Post: Watch As We Try To Survive For As Long As Possible In The Flame In The Flood

    The Flame in The Flood is a roguelike survival adventure game that hit Xbox One and PC yesterday. The gorgeous looking game casts you as a young woman trying to make it downriver on a raft with the help of her trusty dog while danger lurks around every bend. Join Andrew Reiner and I as we take a trip... More
  • Blog Post: Characters Who Died Under Our Watch, Part 3

    The actual death of a video game character was once a rare thing. A reserve of phoenix down and extra lives could keep your favorite heroes going for hours. These days, more and more developers are willing to kill off characters for good. Whether it's the protagonist or just a strong supporting player... More
  • Blog Post: Six Games Filled With Constant Death

    There has been resurgence in recent years of games that punish you by repeatedly killing you without apology. Maybe it’s because we’ve grown tired of games that are too easy over the years, or maybe we’ve just always been gluttons for punishment, and developers are finally figuring... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Darksiders II

    If you are still on the fence after reading my Darksiders II review , this Test Chamber episode breaks down almost everything you need to know about this sequel. Dan Ryckert joined me for this gameplay session, and within the span of five minutes, proved once and for all that he's terrible at video... More
  • Blog Post: The Dark Metamorphosis Of Castlevania's Classic Monsters

    When the original Castlevania hit the NES in 1986, courageous adventurers were tasked with conquering six levels of a haunted castle. While six locations may seem like a short order on paper, the game's punishing difficulty humbled even the hardiest demon slayers. The six bosses – the giant... More
  • Blog Post: The Tech That Built Darksiders II

    It’s not easy to build a game. A lot of features and technology get left on the cutting room floor as developers rush to get a game out the door. Vigil’s Darksiders franchise is no different. We sat down to chat with Vigil’s tech heads, and they explained how Vigil’s development... More
  • Blog Post: Characters That Died Under Our Watch

    If you're a gamer, you've watched your in-game character die thousands of times. You've fallen down pits, been riddled with bullets, exploded, and decapitated, but most of the time your character respawns at the last patch of safe ground. However, a playable character dying as part of the... More
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