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  • Blog Post: Game Infarcer 2016 Edition: Bloodborne 2, Destiny DLC, and More

    Instead of elaborate pranks, we celebrate April Fools' Day with Game Infarcer, a parody gaming magazine. The feature contains all-fake news, reviews, and interviews; even the editor-in-chief is fake. We include Game Infarcer annually in our April issue, but now you can read this year's edition... More
  • Blog Post: Making Game Infarcer’s Bloodborne 2 Cover

    This year's Game Infarcer cover mixes From Software's haunting atmosphere with the surreal world of Dr. Seuss. A match made in heaven? Probably. Ever since 2006, the cover for our annual Game Infarcer parody feature has been drawn by artist Zander Cannon. Cannon is the mind behind works like... More
  • Blog Post: Game Infarcer 2015 Edition

    We have a yearly April Fools tradition here at Game Informer: We include a multi-page parody magazine called Game Infarcer in our April issue. It's full of fake news and games, and even helmed by a fictional editor-in-chief . In the past, it's been exclusive to our magazine, but this year, we're... More
  • Blog Post: Darth Clark Strikes Again

    The video game industry is a flat circle. Every video game we've played or will play, we're going to play over and over again. The same is true for GI's annual Game Infarcer; every April, our satirical editor-in-chief Darth Clark pens a series of inflammatory parody articles, and a month... More
  • Blog Post: Darth Clark Rises

    Once a year, infamous Game Infarcer editor-in-chief Darth Clark emerges from his secret lair to pen a controversial editorial addressing a problematic aspect of the video game industry that most journalists are too afraid to confront. Darth Clark may not be the editor-in-chief that video game journalism... More
  • Blog Post: The Return Of Darth Clark

    Every April we run a feature in the magazine called Game Infarcer. As the title suggests, Game Infarcer is a parody magazine that pokes fun at trends in the industry, as well as ourselves. Every year, despite the fact that the cover says "World's #1 Pretend Magazine" and each page has the... More
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