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  • Blog Post: How Devil May Cry Does Difficulty Right

    With few exceptions, I’m typically not the type of gamer to complete games on more than one or two different difficulties. I might do a quick second run to mop up some achievements or try a harder difficulty on games that I truly love, but the majority of games I play are “one and done.”... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Devil May Cry

    Before our official review hits next week, we sit down with the Devil May Cry demo and talk about what developer Ninja Theory brings to this anticipated reboot. Reiner handles hosting and I handle playing – though simultaneously talking and killing demons turns out to be harder than I thought.... More
  • Blog Post: Casting Call: Devil May Cry

    Last week, we were as surprised as anyone when we saw the new direction Capcom is taking Dante in. The black-haired look was markedly different from what we've seen in the series' previous four entries, and it will be the first to be helmed by a western developer. With all the talk about Devil... More
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