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  • Blog Post: Five Games That Did Motion Control Right

    After the immediate success of the Nintendo Wii, the industry was seemingly obsessed with motion control for a few brief years. Sony immediately shoehorned motion control into the Sixaxis, and later introduced the Move controller. Microsoft introduced their own version of motion control in the form of... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Dance Central 3

    Dancing like a fool without looking like a fool is hard, which is why we usually dance alone at home. But you demand to know what the new Dance Central plays like, and we have to deliver. Join editors Andrew Reiner, Kyle Hilliard, and Ben Reeves through a tour of shame. We also invited GI intern O'Dell... More
  • Blog Post: Seven Songs That Need To Be In Dance Central

    Harmonix has confirmed a huge list of songs for Dance Central 3 , and even after the game releases more and more will be added. These are some of the songs that haven't been confirmed, but we hope they end up in the game at some point. PSY – Gangnam Style To be honest, I don’t know anything... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Experts Play Dance Central

    Dance Central will likely be Kinect’s killer app and you’re just two days away from being able to play the game yourself. To help inspire your dance mastery, the rock stars at Harmonix came by the office to show us how to get our groove on. More
  • Blog Post: Dance Central Is For Non-Dancers

    Several games are headed to Kinect for its launch this November, but few of them are targeted towards established gamers. While Dance Central is certainly out of familiar territory for the gaming crowd, it has several elements that may make it worth a closer look – even if you insist that look... More
  • Blog Post: Our 25 Most Anticipated Games Of The Rest Of 2010

    All things considered, 2010 hasn’t been a terrible summer for gamers. We’ve had one or two really outstanding titles ( sup, StarCraft II ), a steady stream of solid releases, and only a handful of weeks that were full-on new game droughts. Even with such an excellent first half of the year... More
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