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  • Blog Post: Watch Us Play A Bunch Of Super Mario Maker Levels Designed By Our Community

    Last week , we put out a call for your Super Mario Maker levels. Today we played a whole bunch of them. The story where we asked our community to send us their levels generated more than 100 comments with level codes, so unfortunately, we were not able to play them all. During the extended video below... More
  • Blog Post: Happy Holidays From Game Informer

    It's Christmas Eve and we're in the spirit of giving. We owe each and every visitor to the website and reader of the magazine a sincere thanks for sticking with us throughout the year. Two years ago we wished you all a happy holiday season, and we decided that it was time to say thanks again... More
  • Blog Post: Do’s And Don’ts Of Post-Release Content

    Years ago, you bought a game and that was that. You inserted the disc or cartridge, installed or booted up the game, and played it on your computer or console – flaws and all. When you completed it, your time with it was over. Today, games aren’t a standalone product. They alter and grow... More
  • Blog Post: Listen To Game Informer's Favorite Songs of 2011

    Many of the Game Informer staffers share similar passions to our readers outside of video games – whether that be films, television shows, books, comics, tabletop games, or watching clips of creepy people on YouTube. To round out our end of year coverage we decided it would be nice to share our... More
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