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  • Blog Post: Opinion – The Importance Of Playing Dress Up

    In just a few days on my journey throughout Fallout 4’s Bostonian wasteland, I befriended an adorable pooch, saved countless common citizens from the whims of violent raiders, and began the restoration of a single fertile corner of the world in hopes it serves as a shining example of humanity’s... More
  • Blog Post: The Coolest Fallout Merch Money Can Buy

    The buzz for Fallout 4 feels as hot as a nuclear blast. The series' popularity means there's a ton of official and fan-made merchandise out there for dedicated Wastelanders to find. Whether it's something for your tin shack or your suite in Tenpenny Tower, this is some of the coolest Fallout... More
  • Blog Post: The Silliest Apparel In The Metal Gear Solid Series

    On this, the 10th anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 3, we're looking about at some of the strangest things worn by the series' serpentine protagonists. The odd attire isn't just specific to the third installment though, so we've pulled together our favorite of Snake's unconventional... More
  • Blog Post: Maintain Your Dignity With Geek Chic Gaming Gear

    Sometimes subtlety is a good thing. We know you’re a geek, as advertised by the giant Nintendo logo across your chest, the classy reference to teabagging n00bs on your shirt, or the slogan on your backside so “1337” it’s nearly illegible. Reality Check – you can still proudly... More
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