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  • Blog Post: Extended Afterwords: The Walking Dead — Season Two

    Telltale Games recently wrapped up season two of its violent and emotional The Walking Dead. The season ended with a bang, incorporating multiple endings for the first time. Telltale president and co-founder Kevin Bruner opens up about putting Clementine in the leading role, bringing back old faces,... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Younger Characters Are Making A Stronger Impact

    Adolescence is a time of conflicting emotions. One minute life is carefree, and then growing up rears its ugly head, dealing hard lessons. Young teenagers are just starting to realize who they are, and they're far off from figuring it out. Coming-of-age stories remain some of the most popular and... More
  • Blog Post: The Walking Dead: Season Two – Hopes And Fears

    Telltale recently released season two’s first episode, All That Remains , and it left plenty of hints for what Clementine’s about to face. Using all I know about The Walking Dead’s unfair world and its ability to shock, I dissected the opener to share my hopes and fears about what’s... More
  • Blog Post: Peter Molyneux Dissects Telltale's The Walking Dead With Its Writer

    Two years ago at E3 I shot a one-on-one interview between Bethesda's Todd Howard and Mojang's Notch . It was an odd pairing, but I continue to receive a lot of positive responses to the video. This year at E3 I decided to schedule more videos that have developers that are fans of each other's... More
  • Blog Post: Creating Clementine

    This year’s most beloved protagonist isn’t a war hero, assassin, or space marine; she’s an eight-year-old girl. Yes, there’s something about Clementine, and when she stepped onto the screen in Telltale’s The Walking Dead with her oversized blue-and-white baseball cap, messy... More
  • Blog Post: Why The Walking Dead Is One Of The Best Games Of 2012

    Throughout the month we will be posting articles and videos dedicated to celebrating the greatest games of the year. When constructing our list of the top 50 games for the latest issue of the magazine , The Walking Dead from Telltale Games was a shoe-in. Carried on the back of the game's excellent... More
  • Blog Post: The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner – Hopes and Fears

    Gripping, emotionally-charged, and completely blindsiding – Telltale’s The Walking Dead is one of the most talked about releases this year. Each episode throws us further into the depths of a zombie apocalypse with tougher decisions and even more emotionally draining moments. This offers... More
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