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  • Blog Post: Games To Beat In A Day – Shadow Complex

    Today, the Game Informer staff explores a series of games that you can beat in a day. Personally, I rarely beat short games in one sitting – often preferring to break them up into multiple playthroughs. I played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in three days, and split Shovel Knight into several 30... More
  • Blog Post: Seven Live Arcade Games That Deserve Re-Release On Xbox One

    The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not backwards compatible , and that includes the games that appear on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. In the interest of making some if its most popular games available on its new console, Sony is porting some of its best downloadable titles. Games like... More
  • Blog Post: Infinity Blade: Redemption Impressions

    Chair Entertainment's new digital book with author Brandon Sanderson, Infinity Blade: Redemption , marks the second time the two have teamed up. The first project, Infinity Blade: Awakening , took place between the first two games and added new depth to the story and intriguing revelations. Sanderson... More
  • Blog Post: Infinity Blade II's ClashMob: The First Weekend

    Chair Entertainment launched its ambitious ClashMob update for Infinity Blade II last Thursday. How did it hold up to thousands of players hacking away at titans together? First off, it should be noted that the ClashMob is categorized as in beta, which means everyone should expect a few hiccups. While... More
  • Blog Post: Chair Delivers Another Hefty iOS Experience With Infinity Blade II

    With the first Infinity Blade, Epic and Chair brought iOS owners a much meatier experience than what they were used to on their mobile devices. Combat may have featured a Punch-Out-esque system that relied heavily on dodging/blocking and counterattacking, but the production value and robust selection... More
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