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  • Blog Post: Matt Miller’s Top Five Games Of Last Generation

    I’m taking a slightly different tack here than some of my colleagues. In reality, all of the Game Informer editors play a healthy mix of big games like Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto, and smaller games like Limbo and Flower. However, it’s easy for some of those smaller games to get lost... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Making Room For Gaming Fluff

    The current prominence and success of the video game industry owes much to blockbuster titles. Series like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, The Elder Scrolls, and Halo have propelled into the mainstream spectacular setpiece moments, sprawling worlds, complex systems, and epic tales. While these big-budget... More
  • Blog Post: The Essential Multiplatform Downloadable Game List

    Our essential multiplatform DLG list examines the games you can play no matter what console you play on. This week, we’re outlining some of the best games across the life of the major console download services. With an eye towards including the important early games on the service as well as the... More
  • Blog Post: Gulp! A Look At A Gaming Standby

    Game heroes do what they please. Destroying cities, wrecking cars and using the innards of creatures as a playground aren't uncommon occurrences. These protagonists may be bold and daring heroes, but that’s no reason to go use a giant worm’s uvula (the hangy ball thing in your throat... More
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