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  • Blog Post: The Best Tabletop Games Of 2014

    Each year, as we wrap up our end-of-the-year video game coverage, I also like to offer up some selections from the other side of the gaming world – the ever-growing field of tabletop games. As has been the case for several years now, the tabletop scene continues to offer some phenomenal social... More
  • Blog Post: How I Went From Mocking CCGs To Loving Hearthstone

    I have never once even entertained the idea of playing a CCG. In fact, I just now had to Google what they were actually called because I used to refer to them as “that dorky elf crap that nerds play with cards.” As someone that’s not a fan of fantasy stuff in general, I assumed that... More
  • Blog Post: Top Of The Table – The Adventurers

    It’s the end of another month, and we’ve got another great board game to recommend for those times when you’re ready for a break from the digital branch of the gaming world. Recently, we highlighted the complex and fascinating one-on-one Mage Wars , and the great storytelling fun of... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Impressions: Sazh Goes All In And Loses

    The DLC for FF XIII-2 so far has included weapons, costumes, and a coliseum battle against Lightning. Today Square Enix released what was supposed to be the first story-centric DLC episode – but anyone hoping for meaningful contribution to the game's plot is in for a spectacular disappointment... More
  • Blog Post: If You Like Fantasy Games, You’ll Love Ascension

    Our continuing series on tabletop games that are fun and accessible to the video game crowd continues with our look at Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. Previous installments featured games like Tannhäuser , Castle Ravenloft , and Yomi that share mechanics familiar to video gamers. While the... More
  • Blog Post: If You Like Fighting Games, You’ll Love Yomi

    There are plenty of awesome tabletop boardgames out there that are easily accessible and friendly to folks more familiar with a controller, as we’ve highlighted with games like Tannhäuser and Castle Ravenloft . There’s an equal number of amazing card games that have released in recent... More
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