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  • Blog Post: Opinion – Younger Characters Are Making A Stronger Impact

    Adolescence is a time of conflicting emotions. One minute life is carefree, and then growing up rears its ugly head, dealing hard lessons. Young teenagers are just starting to realize who they are, and they're far off from figuring it out. Coming-of-age stories remain some of the most popular and... More
  • Blog Post: Where's My Sequel? – Bully

    Most gamers appreciate when a brand new installment releases in their favorite series. Despite complaints about “sequelitis,” getting too many entries is better than the alternative: getting too few. In Where’s My Sequel, we look at standalone games and franchises that deserve to continue... More
  • Blog Post: Six Late-Gen Success Stories

    The release of Dishonored tomorrow is notable for many reasons. It's a good game (which is the most important reason), but it is also a rare new property in a landscape that is dominated by big-budget sequels. While uncommon, a successful new game surfacing late in a generation isn't unprecedented... More
  • Blog Post: Moments: The Marble Prank In Bully

    Despite what self-righteous crusaders said prior to its release, Bully is not actually a game about bullying. However, it does allow players to pull pranks and make mischief, and one of the game's most memorable moments involves hilarious hijinks with marbles. Even though young Jimmy Hopkins has... More
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