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  • Blog Post: Mike Futter’s Top Five Games Of Last Generation

    I’m throwing the rulebook out the window. Rather, I would if there were a rulebook. I can’t tell you my top five games of last generation, there are too many years and too many choices. So I decided to narrow things down just a bit. I pondered the different ways I could parse hundreds of... More
  • Blog Post: Afterwords – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

    After developing Painkiller and Bulletstorm, the three founders of People Can Fly left the studio and form their own independent company, The Astronauts. This studio’s first game, a haunting, unguided adventure called The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, impressed us as much as it unnerved us . We caught... More
  • Blog Post: Four Video Game Commercials That Spoof Other Commercials

    Commercials are hard to make, which is why sometimes the best answer is to look at other commercials and just do that – but slightly different. Collected below are some video game commercials that look to other commercials for... let's call it inspiration. Bulletstorm Probably the most obvious... More
  • Blog Post: The 2011 Shooter Of The Year Awards

    The manufactured Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rivalry may have dominated headlines, but gamers had plenty of opportunities to get behind the ironsights in 2011. From the creative, under-appreciated entries like Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 to the big guns like Gears of War 3, we had no... More
  • Blog Post: Most Anticipated PC Games Of 2011

    There's little arguing that 2010 was one of the best years PC gaming has seen in some time. Between extremely successful major releases like StarCraft II and Civilization V and surprising indie hits like Minecraft and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, there was study buzz for a consistent stream of excellent... More
  • Blog Post: Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games of 2011

    Outside of Gears of War 3 and Forza 4, Microsoft hasn't announced any noteworthy Xbox 360 exclusives for 2011, but that doesn't mean the system is lacking in heavy hitters. While we patiently wait for some new announcements, there are enough cross-platform blockbusters to keep you glued to your... More
  • Blog Post: Bulletstorm's Creative Director Speaks

    Adrian Chmielarz will not hesitate to tell you that he's a fan of over-the-top violence. When describing the upcoming Bulletstorm, you can tell he genuinely loves the mayhem that he's created along with the rest of the People Can Fly team. Take a look at the video below to hear him discuss the... More
  • Blog Post: Killing With Style: A Look At Bulletstorm's Skillshots

    Bulletstorm isn't just about killing dudes. It's about wrecking dudes with creative combinations of unusual weaponry and environmental hazards. If you've seen this month's cover story, you have an idea of what the game's skill shots -- special kills that reward players with increased... More
  • Blog Post: The Pulp That Inspired Bulletstorm

    Staff members at Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly are an odd lot. The game's creative director, Adrian Chmielarz, sports the kind of gonzo personality you would expect from the leader of a studio that is behind a game that stars a drunken space pirate. He shared some of the inspirations behind... More
  • Blog Post: When Epic Met People Can Fly

    As evidenced by 2004's Painkiller, the guys at People Can Fly know how to put together a over-the-top and ultraviolent shooter. However, a good development team can only put together their best work if given the proper partners and resources. That's where EA and Epic come in. Take a look at the... More
  • Blog Post: Before Bulletstorm, There Was Painkiller

    "Pfffff. Dude. That was 2002! Hang on, what was the idea? Hmm. I was drunk..." People Can Fly creative director Adrian Chmielarz is exactly what you might think the man behind Painkiller and Bulletstorm is like. The eccentric Polish studio head is one of the least rehearsed developers to ever... More
  • Blog Post: Creating The Bulletstorm Cover

    Bulletstorm is a violent game, and protagonist Grayson Hunt doesn't seem to mind one bit. In fact, one look at his smirk on our cover shows a hint of joy as he's simultaneously kicking one enemy, strangling another, and unloading an entire magazine of bullets into a third. Check out the video... More
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