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  • Blog Post: Nine Video Games Starring Celebrities

    Snoop Dogg’s video game is strange . Way of the Dogg looks like a fighting game, but plays like Elite Beat Agents, and features Mr. Dogg in a prominent role. It also has two letter g’s in the title where one would have been sufficient – just like the rapper’s name. Games built... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Die Hard Vendetta

    Several Game Informer editors are big fans of John McClane, but we're still disappointed that we haven't seen a genuinely great Die Hard game. Given the right developer, McClane's trip to Nakatomi Plaza could make for a tense and action-packed gaming experience. Instead, we have Die Hard... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Apocalypse

    It's not uncommon these days to see big name movie stars appear in video game form. Samuel L. Jackson, Martin Sheen, James Woods, and Liam Neeson have lent their voices to games in the last decade, and many more have lent their likenesses. However, the man who brought you John McClane was ahead of... More
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