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  • Blog Post: PvZ: Garden Warfare Composer McConnell Talks Music, Zombie Children

    Peter McConnell is among the most seasoned video game composers in the business. Not only is the ex-LucasArts alum’s wholly original work impressive, he’s an expert at diving into universes with established musical styles and infusing his own flavor. We caught up with McConnell to discuss... More
  • Blog Post: Forget Everything And Watch Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight Now

    My career puts me in a hugely privileged position. Not only does my job involve playing and writing about games, I get to visit the development studios and peek behind the curtains at how these magical things are made. Save for the occasional one-off documentary like the wonderful Indie Game: The Movie... More
  • Blog Post: Five Mobile Ports Worth Tracking In 2014

    The Android and iOS marketplaces have more than their fair share of Clash of Clans clones, pick-three games, and endless runners, but sometimes we want something more along the lines of the games we play on console and PC. If you're a like-minded gamer who gets more excited about Final Fantasy VI... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Broken Age

    Double Fine's Broken Age is now available for the people who backed the game on Kickstarter. I took Andrew Reiner on a tour of the point-and-click adventure, where we saved our heroine from certain death and a few cute creatures from an ice-cream avalanche. This episode shows off just a tiny slice... More
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