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  • Blog Post: Five Games You Probably Bought Because They Came With Demos For Other Games

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming packaged with a demo for Final Fantasy XV , and it's likely many will buy the PSP remake just to get a taste of what's coming next for Square Enix's most popular franchise. This isn't the first time a publisher has used the incentive of a demo for a highly... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Games Do You Want To Be Able To Download?

    Lately, I have struggled with splitting my time between playing current titles and playing older ones. Too many games exist that I never tried out – either because I wasn’t old enough to hold a controller or because I just didn’t play a title around its release window. Most recently... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Brave Fencer Musashi

    Brave Fencer Musashi came with a demo for Final Fantasy VIII when it originally released, which is probably why many picked up the Sqauresoft (this was before it was SquareEnix) action rpg. Join Jason Oestreicher, Andrew Reiner, Tim Turi, Dan Ryckert, and Jeff Cork as they make fun of characters with... More
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