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  • Blog Post: Top Of The Table – Firefly: The Game

    Few fan bases are more vocal and enthusiastic than the Firefly crowd. Forever wronged by the untimely end of the beloved show, enthusiasts for Joss Whedon’s sci-fi universe carry a torch that continues to burn. For those always hungry for a return trip to the Verse, Gale Force Nine’s Firefly... More
  • Blog Post: Top Of The Table: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

    One of the most exciting things about following tabletop games is having a front row seat to the constant innovation unfolding in modern game design. New RPGs, card, dice, and board games are releasing all the time, and every year we see big surprises that offer fresh ideas that in turn help to fuel... More
  • Blog Post: Replay Bonus Episode – Top Shop

    Longtime Game Informer friend Rob Fleischer, who worked for Agetec and Rockstar Games prior to hanging his hat as a partner at Sandbox Strategies, traveled to Minneapolis with nostalgia on his mind. His Proposal: We sit down for a few hours to play Top Shop, a long-forgotten video board game for PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Top Ten iOS Board Games

    Amid the many excellent tower defense, endless runner, and puzzle games available on iOS, a lesser known breed of mobile game is gaining steam. Even as actual tabletop gaming popularity continues to soar, some of the same games have made the transition to digital devices. Many of these games make for... More
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