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  • Blog Post: George Washington, Gaming's Next Secret Ingredient?

    It may seem a little strange, but George Washington has been cropping up everywhere in games these days. Our first president is an important figure in Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed 3 , and a clockwork version of Mr. Washington is one of the new enemy types in BioShock Infinite . Don't... More
  • Blog Post: 20 Namco Vs Capcom Matches We'd Love To See

    The hot rumor this week is that two blockbuster crossover fighting games are in development – Namco vs. Capcom and Capcom vs. Namco. If these rumors are true, the former will run on the Street Fighter IV engine and the latter will feature the Tekken 6 engine. With each company featuring an absurdly... More
  • Blog Post: Seven Of The Worst Twists In Gaming

    From the golden era of 8-bit gaming to our modern, cinematic blockbusters, the road of video game storytelling has been packed with twists. Some plot curveballs are visible from a mile away, while others pop up out of nowhere with a pleasant surprise. Some, however, are like opening up a pudding cup... More
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