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  • Blog Post: The Biggest Changes To Dishonored 2's Gameplay

    With our June cover story on Dishonored 2 from Arkane Studios , we talk about our experience seeing the game in action. With this video feature, we wanted to give the developers behind the sequel the chance to explain in their own words how things are changing this time around. While visiting Arkane... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Getting Bloody In The Doom Multiplayer Beta

    The Doom multiplayer beta wraps up today, so we're celebrating by getting as much blood as possible on the suit of our space marine. Join Andrew Reiner, Ben Reeves, and myself on the sticks as we listen to heavy metal and blast away red team in the two modes: Team Deathmatch and Warpath! For more... More
  • Blog Post: Why We Love Fallout 4's Nick Valentine

    The drab wastelands of the Fallout games are filled with surprises. Sometimes the unexpected involves raider attacks, vaults that reveal the experimental origins of Super Mutants, or an unforgettable character. Fallout 4 's Nick Valentine falls into the latter category, and several of us Vault Dwellers... More
  • Blog Post: 5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Fallout 4 (And 5 You Shouldn't)

    Video games are often viewed as a fun but ultimately trivial use of one's time. However, just like other forms of fictional entertainment, games can teach us important lessons that apply to the real world as well. Although you (hopefully) won't find yourself scavenging your way through a post... More
  • Blog Post: Want To Try Modding Fallout 4? – Here's A Long-Time Modder’s Lessons

    For years, creators and users of mods have upgraded their favorite titles in ways too numerous to list. From revamping a few textures to building entire new worlds, their modifications blur the gap between players and developers. They are a hobbyist’s gateway to game design. Long a PC gaming staple... More
  • Blog Post: A List Of Fallout 4 Observations

    I'm not very far into Fallout 4, but a few things have stuck out to me during the first handful of hours. - It's very nice of Lisa Lucy Abernathy to pay me to pick the watermelons. I'm sure she has plenty of free time, and just chooses to be lazy and let passerbys pick them for her. Either... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Why I’m Waiting To Play Fallout 4

    By all reports, Fallout 4 is a great game . This week, it feels like the gaming world has put everything else on hold to explore the wasteland. Everywhere I look, I see various tips and guides aimed at helping me make the most of my post-apocalyptic experience. All of the excitement makes me want to... More
  • Blog Post: 14 Movies/TV Shows To Watch If You Love Fallout

    Bethesda Softwork’s latest open-world offering is overflowing with adventures, characters, and enemies to encounter ( read our Fallout 4 review ). But what do you do when your fingertips are numb from all the hours and hours spent marathoning through the wasteland of Boston’s Commonwealth... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel

    Everyone knows about the numbered Fallouts, but the series did have a few offshoots before Bethesda reinvigorated the franchise with Fallout 3. Today we look at one that has become mostly forgotten. Released in 2004 and developed by Interplay, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel used the Baldur's Gate... More
  • Blog Post: Knife In A Gunfight: The History And Evolution Of First-Person Melee Combat

    It’s easy to see why guns get all the glory in video games. Unleashing the BFG on a group of Hell Knights never gets old, and sniping a headshot from across the map is always satisfying. Compared to their louder, flashier cousins, melee weapons were often a neglected portion of the first-person... More
  • Blog Post: Everything We Know About Fallout 4 So Far

    When it was revealed at this year’s E3, Fallout 4 instantly became one of the most anticipated games of 2015. Through various demonstrations and announcements, we’re gradually learning more and more about the post-apocalyptic, open-world RPG. This list is your one-stop shop for all of the... More
  • Blog Post: What's The Magic Behind Fallout Shelter?

    Bethesda's deep dive into Fallout 4 wasn't the only news about the franchise the company brought to E3. The team also made the surprise announcement of Fallout Shelter, a mobile vault-building simulation set in the post-apocalyptic universe. You can read our official review , but among the rest... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – RPG Fans Are The Real Winners Of E3 2015

    I always like to take a few weeks away from any show to really start analyzing and putting it in perspective. I'm not one to usually name a "winner" of E3, since the fans always end up winning with a glut of new games. Even so, this year role-playing game fans really had a lot to cheer... More
  • Blog Post: E3 Rivals – Fallout 4 Vs. Mad Max

    While not exactly the same genre, two big games set in an open-world post-apocalyptic wasteland are releasing this year and we wanted to see how they stacked up against each other. Bethesda's Fallout 4 and Avalanche's Mad Max both have a big presence at E3 2015, with plenty of attention from... More
  • Blog Post: Seen At E3 2015

    It's E3 time again, which means a lot of structures are being erected in honor of the industry's most exciting video games, and we took pictures of them. We will surely become intimately familiar with these balloons when we get our hands on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain later this year... More
  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited On PlayStation 4

    Prepare to explore the world of Elder Scrolls again in a whole new way, with the open-world MMORPG shifting to a buy-to-play model as it enters the console MMO space. Grab every piece of cheese and iron sword that isn't locked down as you explore the world solo or with friends. The game's sensible... More
  • Blog Post: E3 2015 Wishlist: What We Want In Fallout 4

    It’s finally official; Fallout 4 is happening , and we’ll get a better look at it during Bethesda's E3 festivities in about a week. However, for any fan of the series, waiting for concrete details is difficult. Until we know more about the company's plans for the latest installment... More
  • Blog Post: Here's What You Missed In The Fallout 4 Trailer

    Bethesda teased that some kind of Fallout 4 news would be coming out this morning, and it didn't disappoint. Instead of a message along the lines of, "Fallout 4's coming, more details are coming at E3," the studio decided to let the game speak for itself. Bethesda released a three-minute... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Doom 3

    Bethesda recently gave us a short look at id Software's upcoming Doom revival, which hasn't been shown for over a year . The little tease made us want to go back and take another look at the exceptional and ridiculously bloody Doom 3. Tim Turi, the two Jeffs, and I decided to look at the recently... More
  • Blog Post: The Fallacy Of Free Mods - Paying Creators, Developers, And Valve Is The Right Move (And May Return)

    The past two weeks have been tumultuous for PC gamers, as Valve announced (and quickly terminated) a mechanism that allowed modders to charge for their work. While the dust has mostly settled, there are important lessons from the aborted attempt and how we might better discuss this issue in the future... More
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