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  • Blog Post: 100 Questions And Answers With Quantum Break's Sam Lake

    Gracing Game Informer's cover for the December issue is Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break . Since Quantum Break is a time-travelling action game, we naturally had a lot of questions for creative director Sam Lake while visiting the studio in Finland. Also, we couldn't help but ask a few... More
  • Blog Post: E3 2015 Attendees Choose Their Game Of The Show

    Game Informer has already chosen its game of the show for E3 2015 , but we wanted to see what the average attendee would choose. Amidst the chaos of E3 2015, Game Informer's Ben Reeves walked the show floor and asked anybody that he could find about the highlight of their show. Surprisingly, a handful... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Video Tour Of E3 2014

    Over the last four years at E3, we've brought our community on a video tour showing off the insanity of the show. While the excitement of console launches and butt tumblrs are behind us, E3 2014 was filled with surprises amidst the deafening roar of the show floor. We rounded up Game Informer's... More
  • Blog Post: Versus Mode – Debating Dishonored

    In 2012, Arkane Studios released a stealth friendly action-adventure game inspired by the classic Thief series. As soon as I saw Arkane Studios' gothic steampunk-inspired world and the first-person action that allowed players to teleport across a level and possess rats, I knew I was going to like... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Games And Biggest News Of Gamescom 2013

    Gamescom 2013 has shut its doors. With record-breaking attendance and no shortage of news to come from the event, the German gaming convention has solidified its place in the industry. Sony and Microsoft continued their duel on the way to the console launches this fall, games were announced, and fans... More
  • Blog Post: Why I Quit Playing Games

    I used to chew through games and spit them out. It was my personal mission to play every high-profile game I could get my hands on. Then the unthinkable happened – I stopped enjoying my favorite series. The build up to Halo 2’s release in 2004 was ridiculous. It seemed like everyone in the... More
  • Blog Post: Overheard: Game Informer Staff Quotables #14

    Since the last edition of Overheard in May, the Game Informer staff has had a lot to say. Every time somebody said something that was a little off, amusing, or punny I popped open a text file and jotted it down. Some of these quotes may be confusing when taken out of their original context, but I hope... More
  • Blog Post: Does The Public Know About Wii U?

    We here in the enthusiast press often find ourselves in an information bubble. We have known about the Wii U since E3 2011, but we have always been curious about how much the larger consuming public knows about Nintendo's next console. This is a far cry from a scientific polling, but we sent associate... More
  • Blog Post: This Isn't Replay: It's Reevesplay!

    Playing games by myself is no strange thing, but I don't usually record it. Now I have! This has been a long time coming . I apologize for the wait. Check out the video of me playing the little talked about PSOne title Silent Bomber below. It's like watching a recording of a guy who's playing... More
  • Blog Post: The Official Reevesplay Trailer

    It's Coming!!! I'm currently locked in the editing room, and I won't leave until Reevesplay is the defining internet video of our generation. Here's a taste of the future. More
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