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  • Blog Post: The Secrets Behind Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Audio

    There's a lot to absorb from the gameplay of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but one of the key things that stood out when we saw the game in action for our June cover story was the audio. Audio director Don Veca created the lauded soundscape of the first Dead Space and is now bringing his talents... More
  • Blog Post: Gadgets, Guns, And Devils: The Sound Design Of Halo 4

    Not only is Halo 4 starting anew for the music of the game , but the audio team led by Sotaro Tojima is hard at work amassing a gigantic library of sound effects for the new game. Rather than overly relying on stock sound effects from an existing library or from past Halo games, Sotaro and his colleagues... More
  • Blog Post: Halo 4 Multiplayer Hands-On Impressions

    To wrap up our week of Halo 4 multiplayer coverage, we wanted to speak directly about our experience with the game. While on the cover story trip visiting 343 Industries we had a blast playing a couple of multiplayer matches with the developers. There is a lot of new information to process, and we hope... More
  • Blog Post: The Creative Director's Vision For Halo 4

    As the co-creator of NBA Street and co-founder of Propaganda Games, Josh Holmes may sound like an odd choice for the creative director of Halo 4. Starting out testing sports games at EA ( click here to see this bonus video where he talks about his worst day in the industry ), Josh is a 15-year veteran... More
  • Blog Post: The Music of Halo 4

    How would you find somebody to follow Martin O' Donnell's legendary run as the composer for Halo? In addition to designing the new soundscape of Halo (more on that later in the month), Sotaro Tojima had the unenviable task of selecting a composer for Halo 4. After composing for games like Castlevania... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Commentary: Gears of War 3

    We've spent the month relaying lots of info and details about Epic's big trilogy-ending game, but there's nothing like hearing straight from the folks behind the game. To that end, executive producer Rod Fergusson and design director Cliff Bleszinski sat down to give us an audio tour of the... More
  • Blog Post: Sounds Like Death: A Q&A With Dead Rising 2’s Audio Team

    Dead Rising’s soundtrack borrowed heavily from the types of tunes you might expect to hear at your average shopping mall. Music piped through the zombie-filled halls was familiar and forgettable—in other words, it was perfect for its setting. Dead Rising 2’s action shifts from that... More
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