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  • Blog Post: How Every Game Developer Has Gotten Spider-Man Wrong

    If the Batman Arkham games proved anything, it's that comic book-based video games can be highly polished AAA titles in addition to their fan service. Batman: Arkham City could have starred an unlicensed character named Jimmy the Cowled Owl and it still would have been an amazing game. However, those... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Superhero Games Of All Time

    Whether you're kicking villains in the face, swinging between skyscrapers, or lighting up bad guys like Christmas trees, being a super hero is almost always a blast. But some games do a better job empowering players than others. Here are some of our favorite games that have let us play the hero.... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham Origins And The Lessons From Asylum And City

    While an earlier video feature focused on Warner Bros. Games Montreal taking the reigns of development for the next Batman game, we wanted to take a deeper dive into the new team's thoughts on Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. From their first experiences with Batman... More
  • Blog Post: The Completionist: Batman: Arkham City

    Batman: Arkham City features a tight, 10-15-hour adventure, tons of intriguing side mission content, and a never-ending parade of thugs to beat up. But something even more sinister lurks in the streets of Arkham City. If you want to uncover every secret this game offers, you'll need to unlock 400... More
  • Blog Post: Reiner And Phil (And Ben) Play Batman: Arkham City

    If you've read Andrew Reiner's review of Batman: Arkham City, you know that he gave the game our highest score possible and called it "the best licensed video game ever made." How good does a game have to be to deserve this much praise? Let us show you. In this 30-minute video, Ben... More
  • Blog Post: Game Hunt: Gaming Icons On The Loose In Arkham City

    Previous editions of Game Hunt had readers tracking down video game characters, symbols, and items in Borderlands' Pandora , and a Portal 2 test chamber . This time around we're headed to Arkham City, and just like one of Batman's infamous enemies, our graphic designer Laleh Azarshin revels... More
  • Blog Post: Arkham's Oddest Inmates

    Batman owes his enemies a debt of gratitude. His criminal counterparts are often so outlandishly ridiculous that a grown man who wears a cap and cowl seems almost normal in comparison. Aside from obvious offenders like Two-Face, The Joker, and Catwoman, Batman’s rogues gallery is filled with some... More
  • Blog Post: Finding The Asylum's Biggest Secret: Arkham City's Blueprints

    Many gamers spent hours scouring every nook and cranny of Arkham Asylum last year. Whether it was Riddler trophies, interview tapes, or Chronicles of Arkham, the game wasn't short on hidden goodies. However, there was one area that most people never even knew existed...Warden Quincy Sharp's secret... More
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