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  • Blog Post: Test Chamber – Pointing And Clicking Our Way Through The Hand-Crafted Lumino City

    Lumino City, from developer State of Play, is a gorgeous point-and-click adventure, where all of the game's backgrounds and sets have been constructed by hand. Join myself, Ben Reeves, and Wade Wojcik as we take a look at the game's opening and first few puzzles, marvel at the detail and charm... More
  • Blog Post: Smosh’s Ian And Anthony On Their Food Battle Video Game And YouTube Notoriety

    Smosh, founded by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, is one of the most popular YouTube channels, period. Ian and Anthony define comedy entertainment for a young generation, and the two have decided to make a larger, much more involved video game than their previous release, Super Head Esploder X. Food Battle... More
  • Blog Post: 10 Big Franchises That Went Mobile

    Certain games are practically guaranteed to be fun when they come out on conventional consoles, but dominating that realm isn’t always enough. Some publishers want to make a major splash in the mobile market with their biggest properties, not content to churn out silly companion apps. For instance... More
  • Blog Post: Pachter: 3DS Will Survive In Diminished Market, Vita To 'Die Slow, Painful Death'

    In the light of Nintendo's recent lowered forecasts for 3DS sales, We asked Wedbush Securities' outspoken analyst Michael Pachter for his take on the current handheld market. As usual, he didn't mince words. On whether he was concerned about Nintendo lowering its 3DS sales projections: No... More
  • Blog Post: Where Were The Gamepads At Apple's Press Conference?

    Back in June, while we were at E3, Apple revealed that iOS 7 supports gamepads. This made Android and Windows 8 phone and tablet gaming a bit more appealing. Today we learned that iOS 7 will be here next week , but there was no mention of the gamepad support we've been waiting for. Not only did Apple... More
  • Blog Post: Risky Business: Surviving The Mobile Middle Ground

    Mobile gaming is an undeniable and growing force in our industry, with wildly popular titles like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Temple Run turning small teams into massive success stories overnight. With the largest potential customer base and profit margins in gaming history, it’s easy to see... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion: Gaming the Store

    This opinion piece from Liquid Advertising media director Kevin Joyce first appeared in Game Informer issue 228. Joyce is a advertising expert whose company has handled dozens of video game clients on different platforms. Given the relative lack of exposure and limited marketing budgets to raise awareness... More
  • Blog Post: Gaming The Apple App Store

    A list is a list, right? Not, apparently, when it comes to Apple's app store rankings of games. Shady practices have compromised the integrity of Apple's rankings, and the company's slow response so far is affecting consumers and developers alike. We talk to video game advertising expert... More
  • Blog Post: Thoughts On The Portable Landscape

    In my history as a gamer, I’ve always felt the need to buy almost every console and portable on day one. Sometimes this works out -- I had a blast playing SSX and Timesplitters when I bought my PS2, Call of Duty 2 with Xbox 360, or Twilight Princess with Wii. There’s usually at least a game... More
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