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  • Blog Post: Big Guns, Big Air, Big Riffs: A Look Back at Neversoft (1994-2014)

    Yesterday Neversoft, which had once been Activision's premier in-house development studio, was officially dissolved and absorbed into Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward. In tribute, we look back at the studio's auspicious 20-year history. Now that the Neversoft story is officially done, we... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Games That Time Forgot

    Growing up, my dad was a Sony man, so we've stuck with the PlayStation since the first console. As a family tradition, we trekked to the video store almost every Friday night to rent the latest PSOne games. Through all of these trips, we were willing to experiment and discovered a multitude of games... More
  • Blog Post: Will You Survive The Undead Apocalypse?

    There is no such thing as safe harbor from Zombies. Over the years they’ve infiltrated peaceful towns, ominous mansions, space, and even Nazi Germany. They can spread their infection like wildfire, survive without their limbs, and they’re always hungry. The odds are not in humanity’s... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Apocalypse

    It's not uncommon these days to see big name movie stars appear in video game form. Samuel L. Jackson, Martin Sheen, James Woods, and Liam Neeson have lent their voices to games in the last decade, and many more have lent their likenesses. However, the man who brought you John McClane was ahead of... More
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