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  • Blog Post: Five More Big Games To Play Instead Of Watching The Big Game

    Last year I put together five big games to play instead of watching tonight's important football game . Here are five more. These games within video games aren’t necessarily large in physical size. Rather, they play important roles in the context and stories in which they exist making them... More
  • Blog Post: Moments: Discovering Mega Man 2’s Boss Order

    I remember playing video games in my cousins’ dark basement when I was a little kid. My family had the Sega Master System, his had the Nintendo Entertainment System. We had Alex Kidd and Shinobi, they had Mega Man and Mario. Mega Man 2 specifically wowed me. I was wowed the first time I saw the... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Alex Kidd In Miracle World

    The Sega Master System never did reach a critical mass among gamers in the 8-bit days. Nintendo pretty much took the lead and ran with it. That doesn't mean that Tim and Jeff don't have a soft spot for the console. Bryan, however, remains skeptical. Alex Kidd isn't helping, either. Watch... More
  • Blog Post: Replay – Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle

    During the console wars of the early 90s, Nintendo was represented by Mario and Sega had Sonic in their corner. While these faces were the most famous, Sega had a popular platformer of their own before Sonic took off. In this week's Replay, we take a look back at a series that has essentially been... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Alex Kidd Reflect On His Time As Sega's Mascot

    In our most recent issue featuring The Last of Us (#227), we look back Sega's former number one guy, Alex Kidd. In the magazine's Classic GI section, you can relive all of his gaming entries, but this long-lost video just has to be seen by any self respecting, hardcore Sega fan. In 2001, Sega... More
  • Blog Post: Ten Video Game Foods We Wanna Eat

    From power-ups to health recovery, food plays a huge role in video games. We had empty stomachs while trying to come up with something original for you to read today, and this is the result. Like a starving chump in a grocery store, we raided gaming’s cupboards to bring out a list of unique digital... More
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