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  • Blog Post: Check Out These 8 Mind-Bending Console Mods

    The average console owner probably handles his or her system cautiously, and with good reason. Messing with the hardware side of modern consoles can void important warranties and even get consoles banned from online services. However, for a small sector of the gaming community, tearing into gaming devices... More
  • Blog Post: I Want An Akira Video Game

    Akira (Amiga/CD32, 1994) One of my favorite movies and comics of all time is Akira . I got my feet wet with anime like Dragon Ball Z when I was young, but Akira was the first time I realized what the medium was capable of. After watching the movie dozens of times, I pursued the comics, and then watched... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Comic Book Games Never Made

    The industry has seen an influx of games based on comic properties the past few years – usually coinciding with a big-screen movie debut. Game Informer plays home to more than one comic book aficionado, and as such, we decided to play make-believe with a few unlikely comic properties that could... More
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