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  • Blog Post: The Potential Voice Actor Strike Explained

    This week has seen a flurry of news, but no story has been bigger than the looming SAG-AFTRA strike over voice actor working conditions. Because of a media blackout, we don’t have all the details. In fact, everything we’ve heard has been from the union’s perspective. We’ll continue... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda Williams And The Odd Gentlemen On Living Up To The King’s Quest Legend

    The Odd Gentlemen’s recent King’s Quest revival features an impressive cast of well-known actors. In addition to Hollywood familiars like Wallace Shawn and Christopher Lloyd, The Odd Gentlemen cast voice actress Zelda Williams, who recently established herself as a strong female voice for... More
  • Blog Post: More Strange Video Game Casting Calls

    Unlike the film industry, where these actors made names for themselves, video games rarely use their acting talent as a means to promote a game. It's usually a surprise to learn a noteworthy actor appears in video games, and it's often after we've already finished playing them. We looked... More
  • Blog Post: 20 Respected Actors Who Appeared In Video Game Movies

    Today brought the sad news that venerated English actor Bob Hoskins, who had appeared in the Super Mario Bros. movie as wells as more acclaimed films like The Long Good Friday , has died. In this feature, we look back at some of the other critically respected actors who have appeared in video game movies... More
  • Blog Post: Strange Video Game Casting Calls

    Kiefer Sutherland recently let slip he has been working on a Mortal Kombat game , which seems like a surprising casting choice. Some may have been disappointed to hear that he would be voicing Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, but his previous roles certainly fall in line with portraying a expert soldier... More
  • Blog Post: Casting Call – Call Of Duty

    Call of Duty has seen a level of mainstream success that few franchises in gaming history can claim to achieve. Considering that less-popular series have been turned into Hollywood films, we wouldn't be surprised if Activision decided to take their shooter to the big screen. As we've done in... More
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