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  • Blog Post: What's The Verdict On Destiny: House Of Wolves?

    Since its launch in September, Destiny has always encouraged social engagement as the key to full enjoyment of the game. Raids and Nightfall strikes acted as end-game experiences squarely targeted at group play, but demanded you do your own work to form and solidify the teams that would enter those spaces... More
  • Blog Post: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5: The Return Of Old School

    Skating is about evolution and adaptation. A trick is built upon and takes new forms. The McTwist becomes the 900. Someone does a 360 flip to a grind, and another skater does the trick down a flight of stairs. It's about community – in spiring others and learning from them. Skateboarding is... More
  • Blog Post: 10 New Facts About Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 comes out this year, bringing gamers back to the sick tricks and smooth flow that they fell in love with back when the original came out in 1999. Find out more about the game in this latest installment of Anatomy of a Screenshot. Click to enlarge screens. 1.The Online World... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny - Xur's Gear For The Weekend Of May 22

    Happy Xursday, everyone! Before we start, don't bother going to the Tower. Xur is on vacation in the darkest corner of the galaxy. Even Agents of the Nine want to check out the reef. Before you get too excited, all of Xur's gear for this week comes from already existing content. No House of Wolves... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Now Is The Best Time To Get (Back) Into Destiny

    Since its launch in September of last year, Destiny has become one of the most polarizing experiences in gaming. Whether it’s due to the fact that the people who do love it do so passionately or unapologetically, or simply the fact that it wasn’t the type of shooter they thought it would... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Destiny - Xur's Gear And Upgrades For The Weekend Of May 15

    Happy Xursday, everyone! It's the final shopping weekend before House of Wolves drops, which means everything. must. go. (Not really, stock is unlimited if you have the strange coins.) The good news is that Xur has a rocket launcher this weekend. The bad news is that it probably isn't the one... More
  • Blog Post: 10 Call Of Duty Settings We’d Rather See Than ‘Near Future’

    The near-future setting of Call of Duty: Black Ops III is interesting from a gameplay perspective , but with three consecutive games relying on that setting, the franchise is sacrificing one of the key things that made the multiple-developer approach to the franchise work well. Black Ops III is set in... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny - Xur's Gear And Upgrades For The Weekend Of May 8

    Happy Xursday, everyone! We’re coming up on the release of House of Wolves, which means these weekly updates should become a bit more interesting. This week, Xur is carrying a heavy weapon that has been requested quite a lot. No, it’s not Gjallarhorn. Sorry. Location : Xur is in Tower North... More
  • Blog Post: 14 Ways Destiny Is Changing For House of Wolves

    I visited Bungie recently to get the scoop on Destiny’s second big expansion. There’s a lot of new content coming in, and a number of old features that are changing. I’ve written about some of these features elsewhere (linked below where appropriate), but other snippets of info are... More
  • Blog Post: Conquering Destiny’s Prison Of Elders

    Last week, I shared my thoughts on the PvP components of Destiny’s upcoming expansion, but that’s only part of the story. While visiting Bungie, I also enjoyed extensive hands-on with House of Wolves' new PvE content, and the biggest new addition is the Prison of Elders. As guessed by... More
  • Blog Post: Tony Hawk Returns – Exclusive First Look

    Putting to rest months of cryptic tweets from Tony Hawk, Activision and developers Robomodo and Disruptive Games have officially announced Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 – a return to the classic gameplay of the series' heyday. The game is slated to come out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny - Xur's Gear And Upgrades For The Weekend Of May 1

    Happy Xursday, everyone! The Agent of the Nine is back in the Tower, and he is having a sale on gauntlets. Everything must go (which is tricky because his stock on this items is infinite). This week, Xur is packing one of the game's exotic auto rifles. So, if you're looking for a new primary... More
  • Blog Post: Treyarch Talks Designing Black Ops III And What An Extra Year Does For Call Of Duty

    The Call of Duty franchise is often criticized for its iterative nature. With Black Ops III, Treyarch is hoping to address those complaints through a bevy of new additions to the gameplay. From the MOBA-inspired Specialists to the Titanfall-like movement mechanics, Black Ops III has ambitions to deliver... More
  • Blog Post: Get To Know Your Three (Or Four) New Destiny Maps

    Some big additions are on the way to Destiny’s PvP experience in the coming days. When House of Wolves releases on May 19, all players will gain access to three new competitive maps, and a fourth map if you’re playing on a Sony console. In addition, the maps previously exclusive to owners... More
  • Blog Post: Five Things To Know About Destiny’s Trials of Osiris

    A recent visit to Bungie provided the opportunity to dig in and explore the House of Wolves expansion, including several hours of devoted time in new Crucible PvP. While I really enjoyed the four new maps that Bungie is adding this time around, I have to say that I was surprised how much I loved the... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny - Xur's Gear And Upgrades For The Weekend Of April 24

    It's Xursday once again and it's time to check out the awesome stuff we'll be able to pick up in Destiny this week! You can find Xur next to the Crucible Quartermaster (down the central staircase on the way to the Vanguard war table). Here's everything he's got with him this weekend... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny - Xur's Gear And Upgrades For The Weekend Of April 17

    Happy Xursday, everyone. It's Friday, which means that Xur is back in the tower. This week, he's brought his dancing boots. He's also packing an extra upgrade option for PlayStation players, and one of the most desirable pieces of Warlock armor. Those that like to play as Voidwalkers might... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny - Xur's Gear And Upgrades For The Weekend Of April 10

    Happy Xursday, everyone! It's Friday, which means we're running down Xur's stock for the weekend. If you haven't run your weeklies yet, you might want to given what's on offer in the weapon category. So, sit back, take a look at the stock, mull over the stats, and then angrily comment... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny - Xur's Gear And Upgrades For The Weekend Of April 3

    Happy Xursday! This week, Bungie and Xur are trolling you. You see, the Agent of the Nine has a rocket launcher. It isn’t the one you want, though. This week’s offerings are the weakest in a while, though the Hunter gauntlets on offer are useful in specific situations. Here’s the full... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny - Xur's Gear And Upgrades For The Weekend Of March 27

    Happy Xursday, everyone! The Agent of the Nine is in the Tower and he doesn't have No Land Beyond. That alone is reason to celebrate. This week, he's got another primary weapon (and one we haven't seen in a while). He's also got a solid Warlock helmet if you love slinging nova bombs.... More
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