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  • Blog Post: Game Accessibility: Five Games That Get It Right

    In my previous articles I established what game accessibility is and what developers need to do to achieve it . Now it’s time to look at a few examples of games that are already incredibly accessible. These five recent games all set the standard for what accessibility should look like in their... More
  • Blog Post: EA and VTree Bring Football Back To Disabled Gamers

    Games that cater to accessibility have it rough. Developers and publishers naturally worry that such projects aren't financially viable, and thus are reluctant to take risks on them. On the flipside, consumers expect the end result will lack polish and the capacity to challenge them. Chuck Bergen... More
  • Blog Post: Accessibility Buyer's Guide

    During Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, Stevie Wonder surprised the crowd of game developers and journalists with one request: make games that can be enjoyed by people with disabilities. While this may have been the first time some viewers have heard about game accessibility , it is a topic that’s... More
  • Blog Post: Accessibility: Creating Games For A Diverse Audience

    Escapism — forgoing the ordinary or unpleasant realities of life in favor of a preferable experience — is considered one of the chief reasons gamers indulge in their hobby. The longing to encounter things unobtainable in real life is hard to ignore once your imagination has been unleashed... More
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