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  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Montreal Throws Open Its Doors

    We saw a lot of Rainbow 6 Patriots while we were visiting Ubisoft's Montreal offices, but that wasn't all we got to check out. During our trip, we also received a nice tour of the studio's downtown digs. Check out our exclusive video tour to see where all the magic happens. Ubisoft moved... More
  • Blog Post: Question Of The Month Reader Responses: Issue #224

    A few months ago we asked readers what video game character they were going to dress as for Halloween. We printed a few of the costume choices in the latest issue of Game Informer, but here are some more choice ideas from your fellow readers. A Ghost Makes Sense: I will be dressing up as Ghost from Modern... More
  • Blog Post: The Return Of Rainbow Six

    Ubisoft Montreal discusses the Rainbow Six legacy and how it's bringing the Tom Clancy tactical shooter up to speed in the highly competitive shooter market. In the three years since Rainbow Six Vegas 2 released, the first-person shooter genre has exploded to an unprecedented level of popularity... More
  • Blog Post: 2011 Holiday Buying Guide Highlights

    There are a lot of geek related products vying for you hard earned, borrowed, or stolen (and shame on you) dollars. But what products are actually worth buying? Every year Game Informer puts together a Holiday Buying Guide to help navigate thrifty geeks through the shopping season. Here are some highlights... More
  • Blog Post: Essential Games Of This Generation – Editors' Picks

    In Game Informer issue 224, we ran an essential list of the games from this generation that every gamer absolutely needs to play. While that list was fairly encompassing, it was also just a list. To give context to that list, a few Game Informer editors highlight some of their personal essentials. Limbo... More
  • Blog Post: Introducing Rainbow 6 Patriots

    Creative director David Sears unveils a prototype video of the revamped tactical series. When pitching projects internally, development teams frequently create a target video to illustrate their vision for the game. Rarely does this footage see the light of day outside the confines of the publisher,... More
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