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  • Blog Post: EXCLUSIVE: The Debut Trailer Of Saints Row: The Third

    We've been throwing tons of Saints Row: The Third info and behind-the-scenes videos at you throughout March, and we wanted to end our month of coverage with a bang. That's why we're capping things off with this exclusive first look of Saints Row: The Third's debut trailer. What you'll... More
  • Blog Post: Saints Row: The Third Screenshot Gallery

    We've spent all month giving you the lowdown on Saints Row: The Third (you can find all of our coverage at the hub ), and now you can check out the full screenshot gallery. You'll see all the screens from the magazine below, showing off the crazy weapons,the city of Steelport, and the insane... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Video Tour Of Saints Row's New City

    You may have already seen Volition discuss the design philosophy behind the new city in Saints Row: The Third, but now's your chance to see the city of Steelport under construction. Meet Jonathan Schmidt, lead terrain artist for Saints Row: The Third. His job is to take the concepts and designs from... More
  • Blog Post: The Over-The-Top Activities Of Saints Row: The Third

    Wacky activities are a staple of the Saints Row franchise, with its most outlandish debuting in Saints Row 2. Septic Avenger missions had you dousing outdoor cafes and pool parties with a steady torrent of human waste, Trail Blazer tasked you with (literally) burning through college campuses on a flaming... More
  • Blog Post: Designing Saints Row's New City

    After two games set in the fictional city of Stilwater, the team behind Saints Row was ready to shake things up a bit. We sat down with the two art directors behind Saints Row: The Third to talk about the process of designing a city from scratch and how the new location kickstarted the art team's... More
  • Blog Post: Brainstorming The Humor of Saints Row: The Third

    How do you top the insanity of Saints Row 2? We interviewed members of the team that are hard at work on Saints Row: The Third to talk about the brainstorming process behind the chaos. Is there any line that they won't cross? Check out the video to find out. Click on the link below to enter our hub... More
  • Blog Post: The Evolution of Saints Row

    The series that started out as a "gang simulator" has become more known for embracing absurdity in a dense open world. Watch the video to hear the developers at Volition talk about what they learned from each entry in the series and how they are applying all of that knowledge to make Saints... More
  • Blog Post: The New Weapons Of Saints Row: The Third

    With its roots in gang warfare, the Saints Row series has always had a healthy selection of weaponry - pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, grenades...all of the genre standards. In addition to these traditional guns, some wackier tools of destruction like the chainsaw, satchel charge, sledgehammer, samurai... More
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