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  • Blog Post: Reader Games Of The Year 2012

    Last year will go down as one of the better years in video games, with titles like Halo 4, Far Cry 3, and The Walking Dead coming out among many others. But before we turn the page on 2012, here's a look at the games that readers voted as their favorites of the year. Our Reader Games of the Year... More
  • Blog Post: Year In RPGs For 2012

    At the end of every year, I find myself looking back on its role-playing games and examining the trends, highlights, and disappointments. Putting it in perspective, 2012 won’t go down as a pinnacle year for RPGs, but if you look closely, the year held plenty to love. Operation Rainfall Comes To... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Achievements And Trophies Of 2012

    Whether you love them, hate them, or forget they exist until they pop on your screen and interrupt your game, achievements and trophies have become a (literally) required aspect of all PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games. I fall into the love camp, and these are some of my favorites from 2012. The achievements... More
  • Blog Post: 2012 RPG of the Year Awards

    What defines a role-playing game has become ambiguous over the years. Today, RPGs can involve turn-based fantasy elements, sprawling sci-fi worlds, and third-person gunplay. The lines separating the genre from the rest of gaming may be fuzzier than ever, but that doesn’t mean that the role-playing... More
  • Blog Post: Why Dishonored Is One Of The Best Games Of 2012

    A wild swing away from the sequelitis that dominated 2012, Dishonored from Arkane Studios and Bethesda empowered players with an alluring combinations of tactics, powers, and tools. This new IP was featured as our cover story from August 2011 ( click here to enter the content-filled hub from our studio... More
  • Blog Post: Did This Year's Software Lineup Compare To 2011's?

    At the end of each year, us Game Informer editors put together our personal top 10 lists for the magazine. As I assembled my favorite games from 2012, I had a feeling that this year wasn't quite as jam-packed with awesome games as 2011. I wasn't sure if it was just my imagination, or if the incoming... More
  • Blog Post: Editorial: Preserving The Status Quo

    By all reports, 2012 should be a pretty action-packed year. We expect to hear about the next-gen systems – including the full unveiling of Nintendo's Wii U, and titles like Mass Effect 3 and BioShock: Infinite will make their mark. As much as 2012 will host a number of new experiences, in some... More
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